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A jobseeker logging into linkedin to use the linkedin green banner to help with their job search
Should I Use The Linkedin Green Banner To Show I’m “Open To Work”?

The LinkedIn green banner can be a great tool for candidates who are struggling to find work. Yet, with articles on the feature being “desperate”, is it a good option?

Question Time With IT Contractor Sam Akinola
Question Time With IT Contractor Sam Akinola

After his question caused a stir on BBC's Question Time, VIQU's MD Matt Collingwood spoke with IT contractor Sam Akinola about how IR35 is impacting his business and the wider IT contracting community.

woman looking at lines of code wondering about the growth of women in tech
Are Return To The Office Demands Killing The Growth Of Women In Tech?

Within the tech sector, we’re seeing growth in the number of women in tech roles. However, could the return to work mandates slow down this progress?

a group of professionals discussing their tech talent acquisition
Tech Talent Acquisition Challenges: Top 11 Tips To Secure Great Tech Talent

Are you having issues with your tech talent acquisition? With 9 in 10 industry leaders struggling to find great tech talent, improve your processes with these 11 tips!

An image of a powerplant the site of big discussions for IT departments and a company's ESG framework
How IT Departments Play A Vital Role In ESG

IT departments play a crucial role in an organisation’s ability to track, improve and analyse their actions their ESG framework.

Two business people looking at a piece of paper that answers whether recruitment agencies are regulated
Are Recruitment Agencies Regulated?

"Are recruitment agencies regulated?" is a question we hear a lot. Legislation and a government inspectorate, as well as professional bodies, set industry standards and catch rogue agencies.

Schoolchildren at computers thanks to an AI created lesson plan which was promoted as part of the AI revolution in the public sector
AI Revolution In The Public Sector

The AI revolution in the public sector has been at full speed in recent years, affecting all areas of the UK’s healthcare, local and national government and education.

3 professionals at a table working out how to build a hiring comittee
Why And How To Build A Hiring Committee

Building a hiring committee can help to improve your recruitment processes by helping to reduce internal workload, limiting risks of unconscious bias, and more.

Starting out in recruitment can be tough says Dan Freeman in this Q&A series
Starting Out In Recruitment: Q&A With Dan Freeman

Starting out in recruitment can be overwhelming. In this blog, Dan Freeman discusses his experiences, becoming a manager within 6 months, and his tips for new recruiters.

understanding how to attract gen Z employees will mean you have some great employees diligently doing work like the two pictured here
How To Attract Gen Z Employees

Strategies to attract Gen Z employees, from flexible working practices to encouraging team building, are becoming crucial to businesses as young talent continue to enter the workplace.

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