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Starting out in recruitment can be tough says Dan Freeman in this Q&A series
Starting Out In Recruitment: Q&A With Dan Freeman

Starting out in recruitment can be overwhelming. In this blog, Dan Freeman discusses his experiences, becoming a manager within 6 months, and his tips for new recruiters.

One recruiter helping another by talking to them about good mental health in recruitment practices for him to follow
How To Maintain Good Mental Health In Recruitment

Melinda's article explores how healthy mental health in recruitment practices can help many recruiters to counteract the stresses of the job.

Matt Collingwood my career in IT recruitment blog
My Career In IT Recruitment: Q&A With VIQU’s MD Matt Collingwood

With a career in IT recruitment spanning three decades, Matt Collingwood recounts his career and shares the advice he would give new recruiters.

A woman asking a another woman how do I become a recruiter as they sit on the steps outside of a building together
How Do I Become A Recruiter When I Have No Experience?

As VIQU's Head of Talent, Melinda is often asked, "How do I become a recruiter?" by interested candidates with no experience. In this blog, Melinda reveals her top tips.

Q&A series with Nicholas about his career progression in recruitment to Director of VIQU
My Career Progression In Recruitment To Director: Q&A With Nicholas Hopkins

If you are curious what your career progression in recruitment could look like, check out this interview with Nicholas, one of VIQU's Directors.

Headshot of Danielle Keegan as we sit down for an interview with her on her career journey from a graduate recruitment consultant role to VIQU Associate Director
Graduate Recruitment Consultant Role To Director: Q&A With Danielle Keegan

Danielle Keegan started her career in a graduate recruitment consultant role. In this Q&A, Danielle shares how she went from a graduate to Associate Director at VIQU.

A Q&A with Matthew Hill as he explains what a job as a recruitment consultant entails
My Job As A Recruitment Consultant: Q&A With Matthew Hill

If you're considering applying for a job as a recruitment consultant, check out this blog on Matthew Hill's career journey and his top tips for becoming a recruiter!

Senior recruitment account manager
Q&A With Senior Recruitment Account Manager, Grant Baker

Our Recruitment Account Manager, Grant Baker, kicks off our Q&A series. He recounts his career and winning 'Best Contractor Recruiter'!

A picture of a work social which is a great method for dealing with new job anxiety
My 18 Top Tips For Dealing With New Job Anxiety

New job anxiety is a common experience with many individuals. Often the fear of changing jobs holds people back from applying to their dream workplace. Click here for my top tips on how to deal with stress during this period.

A beautiful view of Southampton that we see as part of a company employed in IT recruitment in Hampshire
Why I Love Working In IT Recruitment In Hampshire

In my first couple of months working in IT recruitment in Hampshire, I was struck by the passion and enthusiasm local people had for technology and wider business growth. There is significant tech potential in the region to be discovered.

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