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Our Payroll Partner

By working with an umbrella company, IT contractors can relax and get on with what they do best. Contractors simply fill in their timesheets, send over their expenses and wait to get paid.

Since 2000, Parasol have supported over 100,000 contractors into the world of contracting with expert advice and support. Their passion for contractors and compliancy makes them the perfect umbrella partner, which is why we’re proud to recommend them to all of our contractors as our Payroll Partner of Choice.

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Our Insurance Partner

At VIQU, we recommend all of our limited company IT contractors have appropriate business insurance in place. It’s important that contractors safeguard both themselves and their companies. We’ve partnered with experts Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance who offer a price promise guarantee!

The Kingsbridge insurance policy is specifically tailored to meet the needs of professional contractors and freelancers. The standard Kingsbridge package includes Professional Indemnity, Public Liability & Company Liability.

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