Hunt For IT Jobs At Easter – Not Easter Eggs!

The odd one out on a hunt for IT jobs at easter

What’s your plan for the Easter weekend? Are you taking part in an egg hunt? Eating as much chocolate as possible? Or possibly conducting an Easter IT job search?

Easter may not be the most common time to search for a new IT job, but you can use this to your advantage.

Spring is often synonymous with new starts. With brighter and longer days, hiring managers and candidates are left feeling more refreshed and motivated, making the hunt for IT jobs at Easter much more pleasant.

But don’t leave it too late, summer traditionally sees recruitment campaigns slow down. Whether you are searching for permanent or contract work – an Easter IT job search is ideal timing.

Why is Easter one of the best times of the year to look for a job?

Renewed budgets

The financial year runs from the 1st of April to the 31st of March every year. Whilst some companies budget and work their year from January to December, this is not a blanket rule. For many businesses in the private sector, a new financial year is the time to restart their plans.

A renewal of projects is a fantastic opportunity for IT professionals. As companies continue to move to the cloud and invest in their software, businesses will likely choose their budget refresh to get started on their new IT projects. Often requiring both long-term permanent employees as well as short fixed-term contractors to carry these out.

I should add a caveat here that this is not the case for all businesses. For example, in the public sector, they must ensure their entire budget has been spent before April, as any surplus at the end of the financial year can be reduced from their overall budget going forward. Therefore, if you want to work within the public sector, a job search in January might be a better fit.

Each organisation will have a different approach to the new financial year in April – whether it is a time of renewed budgets and big spending or not. For many businesses, April can be more of an ambitious time of the year – and as a job seeker, you can take advantage of this.

Lower competition and higher job openings

The biggest rush for applying for new IT jobs is usually in January and February as professionals look for a new start in the new year. When you mix this with the fact that Easter is often a time of the year when employees take advantage of the increased bank holidays and ask for more time off, it means there is less competition in the market in March and April.

After the big rush of January and February, some IT and hiring managers might take advantage of this potential lull in activity to refocus their efforts on recruitment – meaning more IT job opportunities for you.

Tips for optimising your hunt for IT jobs at Easter

We’ve covered why Easter is a great time to look for a new IT job – now we’ll discuss how to use this time of year to your advantage.

Figure out your work goals

Are you looking for a change of direction this Easter or a similar role? You might be itching to jump into an IT job search. However, you shouldn’t rush. Give yourself time to evaluate what you want.

What are your motivations for switching roles? You may want to take the leap for practical reasons, such as a higher salary, a better office environment, or more flexible hours. Or maybe you are looking for greater personal development in training and career progression. You could just want to work with new people, be part of more exciting projects and experience a different work culture and environment.

Always remember why you are leaving your current job and what you want in your new company. It will help to sharpen your search and keep you motivated to find the best new job you can. Otherwise, it’s likely you’ll end up in a job that doesn’t match your requirements, and you’ll be back searching for another new IT job in no time.

The good news for you is we are still working in a candidate-driven market. Tech roles rose by 191% in 2022, but many remain unfilled. This is due to a shortage of specialist IT professionals, increasingly tight immigration rules, and the after-effects of both Brexit and Covid. Certain roles are in high demand. This includes development roles, due to the need for businesses to keep up with the latest technological advances. Additionally, cloud computing continues to dominate the industry as a result of businesses moving to the cloud.

This means if you have a great skillset but specific requirements, such as the distance you are willing to travel, caring responsibilities etc. you are more likely to find a company that will accommodate this.

Exploring your options for contract or permanent employment

In your ambition to secure a new start this Easter, you might be considering a change in your type of employment.

The decision to choose between permanent and contract work is not fixed. A number of professionals work as contractors and in permanent employment throughout their careers, depending on job opportunities at the time, lifestyle needs, and the economic climate. Changing your type of employment can be intimidating. We have lots of experience supporting individuals who might be considering making these moves.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to contracting work and permanent employment. For example, you may be attracted to a permanent role for employment stability and security. It also enables you to put down roots in a company where you enjoy the work and culture. Or conversely, you may be attracted to the freedom a contract role can bring. They can give you the opportunity to gain more experience in a particular industry without the long term commitment.

Optimise your LinkedIn

Before starting your hunt for IT jobs at Easter, make sure your LinkedIn and CV are both up to date. Some people may forget about LinkedIn when searching for new work, but in this day and age, the platform can be one of your best tools.

Consider the LinkedIn features you can use to your advantage. Both the “open to work” feature and use of relevant keywords in your profile, will increase the chance of potential employers and recruiters finding you in a search.

Contact a recruitment agency

Spending your free time searching job boards and applying for new IT jobs can feel like a slog.

If you have specific requirements, a recruitment agency can deliver a lot of value. We have close relationships with many businesses and understand where they can be flexible. This gives our candidates the edge over IT professionals who just apply through job boards, without prior knowledge of the employer.

Whether you have a niche skillset or the desire to work in a specific industry, as market specialists we can support you. We know the ins and outs of the IT sector. We understand what candidates like yourself need from a company and which businesses are meeting these needs. No matter what your situation is, we can help you find a great fit.


Are you considering whether to hunt for IT jobs at Easter? Check out our latest roles here. If nothing currently piques your interest, send in your CV and we will contact you if anything suitable arises.

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