Our Software Development Team

Whether you’re looking for support with a desktop or web application project, our UK based software development team is committed to delivering on time and within budget.

The consultative approach our commercially-minded project managers and business analysts take, means we can deliver consistently with complex integrated software requirements.

Strategic Partner

Our team take a strategic approach to all projects and use an Agile development methodology to ensure high-quality delivery. We develop software collaboratively, with a focus on the user experience, and our teams are complemented by designers that bring software applications to life and support complex user journeys and workflows. Our flexible approach means that we can take full responsibility for the end to end project lifecycle or augment your existing team.

Technical At Heart

As a full cycle development house experienced in building a wide range of custom .NET applications, we know how to make maximum use of .NET Framework advantages, whether we need to use our skills to build new software from scratch, perform complex integration or migrate a legacy application to the web with ASP.NET. With a broad range of skills and 10 years of commercial experience on average per developer, we have expertise in JavaScript, Visual Studio, XML, .NET, ASP.NET MVC technologies and database technologies including SQL Serve. In addition, we are able to provide solutions which run on Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud services.

Bespoke Software Development

We have a proven track record in delivering bespoke software application development for companies looking to develop or enhance both desktop and web applications. We have developed bespoke, integrated and stand-alone solutions to streamline and automate business processes for a range of organisations. Please click here, to view our most successful, award-winning platform.

We analyse and define current business processes and implement the most efficient approach for supporting system interoperability. We can help bridge the gap between systems and enable the streamlining of processes, eliminate bottlenecks, improve efficiency and achieve cost savings.

Discuss your bespoke development needs

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