VIQU = Vitas Qualitas = Life Quality

Looking for a new recruitment job in Birmingham or Southampton?
The average recruitment professional spends 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime, so we get it… you want to spend your time working for a company that actually cares about you, with a manager that knows your kid’s name, and a team that makes you laugh. We like to think that we give all of the above and more to every member of our team.
We believe in rewarding success with fantastic benefits... don't worry, a competitive salary & weekends off are definitely not considered benefits at VIQU, they are compulsory!

VIQU's Benefits Package

3pm Friday finishes

Finish work at 3pm on Fridays and... get ahead with the washing, spend extra time with the kids, take up skydiving - whatever you want!

Unrivalled commission scheme

When we say that it’s one of the best recruitment commission schemes around, we’re not lying.

Family comes first

We offer paid maternity and paternity leave, and understand the importance of flexibility so that you're there for special family moments. Our life assurance policy gives peace of mind that your loved ones will be financially supported for 10 years if you pass away whilst in the employment of VIQU.

Team holidays

Do you know many companies that take their team abroad for their annual Christmas conference? Well, we do! We've been to St Petersburg, Dubai, Havana, Rio de Janeiro… help us decide where’s next.

Regular socials

We love getting all of our colleagues together on a regular basis, whether that's catching up over a drink, Michelin starred lunch or canoeing!

Additional leave for big birthdays

Celebrate those all important big number birthdays with an additional day of annual leave.

BYDTW (Bring your dog to work)

As long as they can behave themselves, all dogs are welcome in our office… in fact, they are encouraged!

Green policy

We've made a pledge to be carbon-negative by 2023! Part of this pledge includes offering electric car charging points at all office locations and running a Bike to Work scheme for team members to benefit from.

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Everyone knows everyone in recruitment, so rest assured that your name will not be open knowledge to our team and any conversations you have will be fully confidential.

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