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Case Studies

At VIQU we're constantly striving to offer the best service possible. Here are a few testimonials from some of our clients

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“Following a sudden change of circumstance within our business, we were faced with an urgent requirement to source a suitable IT Director to continue a major transformation project we had undertook. The team at VIQU were fantastic in understanding our search priorities, as well as listening to our situation and actually adding tremendous value by suggesting other factors we should consider in the individual we would hire. They presented a shortlist of high calibre professionals, and were highly consultative throughout the interview process”

CEO, Major UK Retailer

“We had a reactive Infrastructure project requirement, that we needed a team of specific experts to work on for a proposed 2 month period. Within a frighteningly quick space of time, the contracts team at VIQU presented me with a variety of options for each project role. I was impressed with the locality and appropriateness of their candidates…and quickly established a team of contractors that actually came in under budget!”

IT Manager, Service Delivery Provider

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“As a business, for a 3 month period we had searched (without success) for a new position in our IT Development team. I was referred to VIQU by a colleague in the industry who had experienced a very painless recruitment process with Richard (Bradshaw) and his team. Richard came out to my offices, met a few of the relevant team members, and before we knew it had presented a shortlist of Java focussed candidates that not only suited us on a technical level, but also were a great character fit for the team. They demonstrated softer skills that we had been craving throughout our previous search process”

Company Director, Software Provider

“With the responsibility of servicing a number of clients within my account, I needed to work with a Recruitment team that could prioritise my needs within very tight deadlines, and deliver contractors for a variety of Infrastructure positions across the UK and central Europe. On one specific project, the team at VIQU sourced over 50 contractors for me, and arranged all the scheduling for the work required. The contractors turned up at the appropriate time and location I had specified, with tools and ready to work! VIQU arranged all relevant site access and security badges, with uniforms supplied. I cannot measure the amount of pressure this relieved from my own role in the process. It makes my job so much easier to be able to pick up the phone to the team at VIQU and have peace of mind in their quality of delivery…every time”

Resource Manager, International Service Provider