The Global Goals

We’re always busy but making time to give back is important to our team.

A Personal Mission for our MD

Before Matt started VIQU back in 2014, he undertook a charity mission for Cambodian children. After months of alerting the local Birmingham community to his efforts, Matt managed to collect over 800kg of donated clothes, toys, and IT equipment. He delivered this substantial collection of items to the Aspire orphanage in the Siem Reap province. 

The local Cambodian economy is reliant on tourism trade. The aim of the IT equipment donated to the orphanage was to provide the children with the opportunity to learn basic PC skills, which will help them towards escaping the poverty trap, with the option of securing a job in the local tourism industry.

Matt spent 10 days working in the orphanage, distributing the IT equipment and other donated items to over 200 children.