We could write a lot of mumbo jumbo here about how we’re the best recruitment agency since sliced bread, but you’ve probably heard it all before, so here’s what you really need to know about us.
Where we started...

In 2014, our Managing Director Matt was bored of the never-ending corporate recruitment rat run. Matt and 4 ex-colleagues took a leap of faith… and with that, VIQU was born.

Where we are now...

We’re an IT & tech recruitment agency with over 25 members of staff spread across 2 offices in central Birmingham and Southampton. Our 2 teams comprise of experienced IT recruiters that have the knowledge and determination to give our clients and candidates great results whilst delivering a top-notch service.

We’ve always prioritised the quality of life our clients, candidates and team have, and we're proud to say that this philosophy has continued to sit at the heart of the business.

Our Timeline

  1. Our founders meet to discuss their vision for VIQU

    7th August
  2. Our founders film our iconic The A (VIQU Team video)

    8th September
  3. VIQU opens for business

    9th October
  4. VIQU opens newly decorated office

    10th June
  5. VIQU’s APSCo prestigious membership is confirmed

    11th July
  6. VIQU’s 1st birthday celebration

    12th October
  7. Team trip to Dublin for Christmas conference

    13th December
  8. VIQU’s 2nd birthday celebration

    14th October
  9. Team trip to St Petersburg for Christmas conference

    15th December
  10. VIQU wins APSCo ‘Awards for Excellence’ Best Client Initiative of the Year 2017

    16th October
  11. VIQU’s 3rd birthday celebration

    17th October
  12. Christmas conference in Dubai

    18th December
  13. VIQU opens Southampton office

    19th May
  14. Matt and Niyaa’s Dal Shoker create the Recruitment Canaries

    20th June
  15. Lauren and Matt sign our Time to Change pledge

    13th September
  16. VIQU is a finalist for APSCO ‘Awards for Excellence’ Recruitment Company of the Year £3-10m Turnover

    22nd September
  17. VIQU’s 4th birthday celebration

    23rd October
  18. Christmas conference in Dubai

    24th December
  19. Our team took part in a photo shoot to support the launch of our new website.

    1st August
  20. VIQU’s 5th birthday celebration

    25th October
  21. Havana incentive trip

    26th November
  22. Our team took part in a photo shoot to support the launch of our new website.

    31st December

Taking Mental Health Seriously

Let’s be honest, working in the recruitment industry isn’t always unicorns and fairies, there are a lot of tough days. In fact, a recent survey identified the recruitment sector as the most stressful working environment for UK employees, with 82% of consultants saying that they feel stressed whilst at work.

In the summer of 2018, we decided to join the Time to Change movement. We were pleased to have our proposal accepted first time round without any edits.

Since then, we have continued emphasising the importance of positive mental health. In 2020, our Managing Director Matt was asked to be an ambassador for Mental Health in Recruitment, a fantastic initiaitve that aims to remove discrimination and normalise conversations and actions around mental health in the recruitment industry.

We’re Nothing Without Our Team

We like to say that we're hard to join, and even harder to leave. Now that's not because we tie members of our recruitment team to a chair and refuse to let them go, it’s because we genuinely care about them and their quality of life in and out of work!

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