IT Contractors – Create a LinkedIn Profile that will Attract Recruiters

IT Contractor


An IT contractor’s LinkedIn profile can be a fantastic tool for securing new contracts – in addition to allowing you to discover IT contract opportunities, it gives you the chance to showcase your skillset so that recruiters and prospective clients can discover your profile and understand your capabilities and experience.

So, to help you secure your next IT contract, I’ve pulled together my top tips to stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn and highlight your abilities.

  • LinkedIn runs on keywords, when an IT contract recruiter like myself needs to identify potential candidates, LinkedIn is one of the first platforms I will search for candidates via (especially if the role requires a very niche skillset). Therefore, make sure your profile ‘Headline’ and ‘Summary’ both include keywords that are relevant to your skillset – don’t hold back!


  • Turning on the #OpentoWork feature is a great way to let IT recruiters know that you’re actively searching for a new IT contract.


  • Make sure your ‘Contact Info‘ is updated. There are few worse feelings for an IT recruiter than finding the ideal candidate, but having to wait to speak to that candidate until they accept their connection request. If you’re comfortable with it, you can even leave your phone number in your ‘About’ section.


  • Use your profile ‘Experience’ section to emphasise your achievements on previous contract assignments.


  • The ‘Featured’ section will help you highlight any posts or content you have shared that indicates your contractor experience and skillset.


  • Ask your colleagues for recommendations. Displaying comments that back up what you’ve included in your ‘Experience’ section is only going to strengthen your profile as a seasoned IT contract professional.


  • Just like recommendations, including skills that have been endorsed by your past colleagues is going to indicate to recruiters that you performed well in your previous IT contract roles.


  • Locate, join and participate in groups that are relevant to your skillset – you never know who you might meet!


Once you’ve gone through your profile and made some of the changes I mentioned above, click here to send your CV to our contract team. We’ll keep it secure in our database until the right IT contract role comes along!


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