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Women using the list of questions to ask a recruiter before an interview to call her recruiter and get the insights she needs to secure the role.
16 Good Questions To Ask A Recruiter Before An Interview In 2024

Recruiters are a fountain of knowledge when it comes to interviews. Set yourself up for success by asking your recruiter these key questions.

woman writing down my top job hunting tips
22 Job Hunting Tips For 2024

Looking for a new job can easily become overwhelming. This blog details Dan Freeman's 22 top job hunting tips to set you up for success in your search in 2024.

An IT contractor looking happy after reading my advice for contractors in 2024
My Advice For Contractors In 2024

Are you an IT contractor? With 26+ years of experience working in IT contract recruitment, take a look at my advice for contractors wanting to improve their work opportunities in 2024.

Man is considering whether to accept a counter offer or not
Should I Accept A Counter Offer?

Choosing to accept a counter offer is a big decision. As companies struggle to retain great talent, more and more professionals will experience being presented with a counter offer.

Someone waiting by their emails as their previous employer is ignoring their reference request
What To Do If Your Previous Employer Is Ignoring Your Reference Request

Your previous employer ignoring your reference request can be very stressful. Here are some tips to stop this happening.

Take the jump to becoming an IT contractor
Becoming An IT Contractor: My Top Tips

Ready to jump into contracting? Becoming an IT contractor can be daunting, however, from higher earnings to greater flexibility, there are clearly good reasons why professionals are choosing contract work!

An IT professional making plans for leaving a permanent job for a contract role
What To Know Before Leaving A Permanent Job For A Contract

There is much to consider before leaving a permanent job for a contract role. From tax to CVs and interviews, it's easy to get overwhelmed. But don't worry - this blog covers the main differences for you to keep in mind.

A picture of a work social which is a great method for dealing with new job anxiety
My 18 Top Tips For Dealing With New Job Anxiety

New job anxiety is a common experience with many individuals. Often the fear of changing jobs holds people back from applying to their dream workplace. Click here for my top tips on how to deal with stress during this period.

woman writing a great CV after learning how to write a killer tech CV
How To Write A Killer Tech CV

Knowing how to write a killer tech CV is key to finding your next great tech job. Get your technical CV noticed by the best in the industry by ensuring your application is clear, and readable, but still impressive by following my top tips.

The odd one out on a hunt for IT jobs at easter
Hunt For IT Jobs At Easter – Not Easter Eggs!

If you are considering a hunt for IT jobs at Easter - you will be pleased to hear that due to renewed budgets and lower competition, it is one of the best times to be looking. Use this time as an opportunity to find your next move!

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