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Software Developer thinking about Software Development trends in 2024
2024 Software Development Trends To Watch Out For

Understanding the latest software development trends can help you retain and attract great developer talent, in an ever competitive market.

If you hire a software tester, your set up could be like these two software testers at a desk helping to secure your systems.
Why Should We Hire A Software Tester?

Hire a software tester now to beat the growing demand, which is expected to increase by 25% in the next 10 years! Software testers improve the efficiency of your development team by identifying bugs and defects in programs.

A chart measuring software developer productivity levels
How Happiness Impacts Software Developer Productivity

Studies have found that software developer productivity is intrinsically linked to happiness levels. Happy developers are more likely to produce cleaner and more effective code during their sprint, and are less likely to look for a job elsewhere.

Looking through cvs after successfully writing a software developer job description
How To Write A Great Software Developer Job Description

Optimising your software developer job description has never been more important. With around 1 in 3 developer roles remaining unfilled, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find and secure the right professionals.

lines of code being created after a successful dev recruitment process
3 Ways Dev Recruitment Agencies Will Improve Your Hiring Strategy

Recruiting developers is notoriously difficult. With a significant skills shortage, many companies are struggling with their current strategy. However, dev recruitment agencies understand what developers want and know how to find you the best talent.

Graphic showing an interview with software developer Mary-Anne Legapsi
Women In Tech: Interview With Software Developer, Mary Anne Lagaspi

This interview with VIQU's very own Software Developer Mary Anne Legaspi, is the first in a series of conversations focused around promoting women in tech!

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