Working With A Project Manager Recruitment Agency To Identify Your Next Job

Project Manager Recruitment Agency

Scrolling through endless job boards and vacancies, editing your CV, writing cover letters, phone calls, emails… looking for your next job can sometimes feel like a full-time job itself. Working with a project manager recruitment agency can take away a lot of these stresses, leaving you time to fully prepare yourself for technical assessments and interviews.

Understanding the Market

One of the advantages of working with a recruitment agency is that they speak with other project management professionals and companies looking to expand their workforce on a daily basis, so they have a far more rounded and informed understanding of the current market.

They understand what the market is dictating in terms of salaries/rates and benefits, but more importantly, they are aware of what is important to project management professionals in terms of their working environment and know which companies are aligning themselves with this.

Tailored Job Search

Recruiters are job hunting professionals. They are able to consider details that a standard job search engine would never be able to cover – working environment, management styles, company culture… the list goes on. They understand their clients and exactly what they are looking for, so when a project manager recruitment agency calls you, you should expect them to assess your skills, characteristics, and expectations, to ensure you are a good match with the employer and that the job will suit your circumstances.

If a recruitment agency calls you about a permanent project manager job opportunity and is only interested in your location and salary expectations, this probably isn’t an agency that has yours and the employer’s best interests at heart.

Access and Management of Multiple Job Opportunities

When you use job boards to search for your next role, you are limited to project management jobs currently on the system. Instead, when you work with a specialist project manager recruitment agency, they have a large network of clients and contacts to utilise. If you are a talented project management professional, a recruiter will not wait for a client to get in touch with your perfect role, they will actively market you to their network, giving you the best chance possible to secure your next role.

Additionally, your recruitment consultant will take the admin away from you. You’ll no longer need to faff around sending off your CV to multiple job posts, and worrying when you get a response from a company you don’t remember even applying for!

Support and Advice

A good indicator of a solid recruiter is one that actively looks to optimise your employability. This could be through improvements to your CV, technical assessment feedback, or interview advice. Therefore, make sure you’re leaning on your recruitment consultant for support. Give them feedback if they could be doing more to help you through the job-seeking process, and tell them when they’ve matched you perfectly with a new role.

Working with VIQU

Here at VIQU, we are experts in IT recruitment, with a strong team dedicated to technical project management recruitment. We pride ourselves on being honest with candidates and clients, meaning you’ll always receive fair and straight-up feedback from our recruitment consultants, whether that’s interview feedback or guidance on your expectations. If we do not believe your understanding of the project management market is correct, we won’t simply move on to the next candidate, we will be honest and discuss adapting your expectations to make you interview ready.

Companies looking for project management talent use project manager recruitment agencies like VIQU for time & efficiency, market knowledge, candidate reach, and reduced time to hire. All of these reasons culminate in a large network of clients, giving you a fantastic chance to identify your next project management role.

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