My 18 Top Tips For Dealing With New Job Anxiety

A picture of a work social which is a great method for dealing with new job anxiety

New job anxiety is incredibly normal and something most people expect to experience to some degree.

Job board provider, Monster reported 87% of people have reported being nervous when starting a new company. Fear of changing jobs and starting at a new workplace often holds people back from applying to a new role that might suit them better.

I’ve worked in recruitment and people management for over 17 years now. In my role as Head of Talent at VIQU, I have met with many candidates and guided them through the transition of changing jobs. Whether I’m talking with experienced recruiters or individuals just starting out in their careers, the majority of them have had some level of new job stress.

With my years of experience helping professionals through the process of changing roles, here are my 18 top tips for dealing with new job anxiety!

Ways to deal with new job stress before you start your new job

Nerves are temporary

The fear of changing jobs and entering a new workplace can easily overwhelm the most experienced professional. Just remember that this is a transitionary period, and these feelings are temporary. Your nerves will subside with time.

Remember your strengths

Go through all of what you achieved in your last company. You are capable and talented. That’s why your new company wants you to join them. You will be able to get through this period.

Talk it through with someone you trust

Negative thoughts and emotions can be harder to deal with if you keep them to yourself. By talking to a loved one or a friend about your worries, it can help you gain some perspective or just some reassurance that everyone’s gone through this and it’s okay to be nervous.

Have a regular hobby

One of the best ways to deal with anxiety is to have a distraction. Do you feel relaxed cooking, reading, watching films, or playing football? Whatever your hobbies and interests are, let yourself escape from the new job stress and do something you enjoy.

Practice the morning commute

Your new job anxiety might focus on the length of the commute or whether you will be able to find a parking space. If you have a free day in the normal working week (or perhaps you’re using up some of your existing annual leave), try practising the commute at the time you would be driving. This can give a realistic view of what to expect so it’s no longer an unknown entity.

Take care of yourself

If the fear of changing jobs is affecting your daily life and you are finding the stress too much to handle, consider talking with a GP to see what help you might be able to get during this transition period. This might include coping strategies or talking with a therapist about your concerns.

Check out the company website and socials

If the company has a prolific online presence, you can try to see what your daily life might be like. For example, on our VIQU Instagram, we often post about our company socials and get-togethers! This will help you feel more comfortable, as it’ll give you knowledge of what to expect.

Talk to your recruiter

Above all else – if you have any concerns about the first day at your new job, get in touch with your recruiter. They will have had many conversations with the company and might have even visited the company’s office before. They will be one of the best sources to answer your queries or any concerns you might have.

Adopt a growth mindset

Try to see the new role as it is – a great opportunity to grow in your career and develop your skillset further. Focus on what opportunities you will have in this job, and it might ease your nerves.

Plan your outfit

In my talks with candidates, some of the new job stress I hear of stems from what to wear to work. Many companies have a casual/ smart casual dress code, but some candidates need some clarification on what that actually means. It’s very understandable that you want to create the right impression, but you also don’t want to turn up completely overdressed. Make sure you know what the dress code is before your first day and plan your outfit accordingly.

Make sure you have all the equipment you need

Whether you are being sent your equipment in the post before your start date or just need to remember to bring your passport on the first day at your new job, check with your recruiter or manager before you start to make sure you have everything that you need to save you getting stressed the night before.

Tips for dealing with new job anxiety on your first day at a new job

Remember that everyone has had a first day!

Your new colleagues have been in the exact same position as you! Everyone can relate to new job stress and anxiety, so many will be sympathetic to this. Take comfort from that.

Be open to change and being out of your depth

There are new people, new systems, your new computer may not be working, you might not know what to do for lunch – the list goes on. It’s likely you will be out of your depth in many ways – no one will expect you to be an expert and perfect at your job from day one.

Remember it might take a while to fit in and that’s normal

According to a survey by Monster, the largest amount of respondents (25%) reported it took them 1-3 months to feel settled into their new role and 7% found it took almost a year to settle in. Give yourself time to feel comfortable. It’s very normal for your new job anxiety to extend past a few months.

Keep imposter syndrome at bay

Imposter syndrome is very common when facing the first day at a new job. You might be worrying whether you are actually capable of the job. Once you have finished your first day, you might be so overwhelmed by the change that you don’t think it’s right for you. But remember you were chosen for this job for a reason and your new employers picked you because they wanted you, your experience, and your skillset.

Don’t compare yourself to others

When you are feeling anxious about your new job, it is common to start comparing your situation to others. Whilst it’s natural to do this, it will only make your new job anxiety worse. The best thing to do is to focus on yourself and what you can achieve.

Ask to be shown around

On the first day of a new job, request to be shown where all the amenities are and ask to be introduced to the team. Some companies may do this as a matter of process, but others might forget! Doing this will make you feel more confident from day 1. Everything from getting a cup of tea and talking with new colleagues, to finding out where to put your lunch will feel more simple and straightforward.

Get out of your comfort zone

This can be one of the scariest parts of a first day at a new job. It can also contribute to the fear of changing jobs. But going out of your way to chat to your new colleagues and attend socials will make you feel more settled sooner.


If you are looking for a new job in recruitment, and want to work for a company which understands and can sympathise with new job anxiety, email me for more information or call me on 0121 227 8207. Click here to find our company benefits and latest internal opportunities.

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