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understanding how to attract gen Z employees will mean you have some great employees diligently doing work like the two pictured here
How To Attract Gen Z Employees

Strategies to attract Gen Z employees, from flexible working practices to encouraging team building, are becoming crucial to businesses as young talent continue to enter the workplace.

One recruiter helping another by talking to them about good mental health in recruitment practices for him to follow
How To Maintain Good Mental Health In Recruitment

Melinda's article explores how healthy mental health in recruitment practices can help many recruiters to counteract the stresses of the job.

a city landscape to show how by working in tech in the public sector you could contribute to the everyday workings of a city
The Benefits Of Working In Tech In The Public Sector

Working in tech in the public sector has many benefits. With further investment and digital transformations on the horizon, the public sector is increasingly attractive.

Matt Collingwood my career in IT recruitment blog
My Career In IT Recruitment: Q&A With VIQU’s MD Matt Collingwood

With a career in IT recruitment spanning three decades, Matt Collingwood recounts his career and shares the advice he would give new recruiters.

Woman writing the business' tech hiring challenges on the board
9 Tech Hiring Challenges And How To Overcome Them

Are you experiencing tech hiring challenges? Don't let this hold your business back from achieving its IT goals.

Director asking management team "are recruitment agencies worth it?"
Investing In Your Recruitment: Are Recruitment Agencies Worth It?

Are recruitment agencies worth it? Yes! Agencies give businesses access to untapped talent pools, market insights, assist them in reducing internal workloads, and more!

Director of Technology Nikki Greenway's headshot next to the words 'Women in Tech - Nikki Greenway'
Women In Tech: Q&A With Director Of Technology, Nikki Greenway

The British Horse Society's Director of Technology, Nikki Greenway shares how her career journey led her to the charity sector and why she's forging her own path!

Software Developer thinking about Software Development trends in 2024
2024 Software Development Trends To Watch Out For

Understanding the latest software development trends can help you retain and attract great developer talent, in an ever competitive market.

A woman asking a another woman how do I become a recruiter as they sit on the steps outside of a building together
How Do I Become A Recruiter When I Have No Experience?

As VIQU's Head of Talent, Melinda is often asked, "How do I become a recruiter?" by interested candidates with no experience. In this blog, Melinda reveals her top tips.

individuals sitting on chairs reading about the 2024 recruitment trends
2024 Recruitment Trends To Be Aware Of

Are you curious how recruitment trends will affect your hiring in 2024? From the use of AI to headhunting and ESG initiatives, read our MD Matt Collingwood's predictions here.

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