Mike McEvoy

Key Accounts Director

Phone number

0121 227 8203

Email address

[email protected]


You wouldn’t think it due to Mike's love for closing a deal, but in another life, Mike was an IT Engineer. He enjoyed the work but loved the idea of running his own desk and having the success and failure of that desk sitting solely on his head.

Mike is one of VIQU’s founding team members; he took the brave decision to leave his stable job and start VIQU alongside our 4 additional founders in late 2014, with the sole aim of making VIQU one of Birmingham's best IT recruitment agencies. He loves the variety involved in being a Director at VIQU – from looking after key accounts, to hiring talented recruitment consultants, to ensuring targets are met.

Mike’s known for challenging unknowing victims to games of peanuts/ mercy – he’s never lost a game! When Mike’s not leading our accounts delivery team (or beating people at peanuts), he likes to spend time with friends, his wife Sharon, and English Bulldog puppy Roxy – VIQU’s Head of Barketing!

Tell us more...

  • Why did you choose to go into IT recruitment?

  • Commission and rewards/incentives are the obvious answers… but I also chose to make the move into recruitment because I liked the sound of being in control of my own destiny, working with contractors and customers in all walks of life, and getting to speak to all sorts of people every day.

  • Excluding your own, if you had to choose a new accent, what would it be?

  • Accents aren't my thing, but having Irish heritage would be cool

  • What would your superpower be?

  • Telepathy – being able to play with someone’s mind without them knowing would be amazing (it'd also help with knowing what the wife is thinking)

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