Grant Baker

Senior Account Manager

Phone number

0121 796 0201

Email address

[email protected]


If you’ve had a look at some other team profiles, you’ve probably seen a bit of a pattern evolving, just like some of our other colleagues, Grant has a law degree. However, unlike our other colleagues, Grant never had any intention of becoming a lawyer. He actually wanted to become a sports agent, however, halfway through his degree, a law was passed which meant you no longer needed a law degree to represent sports talent. Grant doesn’t really know why himself, but he decided to change direction and go straight into recruitment from university.

Grant was initially attracted to the industry because he liked the idea of working hard, putting 100% in and being directly rewarded for this via his earnings. Grant joined the VIQU accounts delivery team in September 2019 because he wanted a new challenge where he could purely focus on resourcing quality IT contractors. In June 2023, Grant was awarded 'Best Contractor Recruiter' at the 2023 Contractor Awards!

As a teenager, Grant ran for Great Britain and won a bronze medal at the World Under 20s in Beijing. Grant recently became a father to a beautiful little girl, so he’s hoping she’ll take after him and become an athlete when she’s older!

Tell us more...

  • Advice for someone going into recruitment?

  • Don’t take things personally. The job has lots of ups and downs, things go really well and other times they really don’t. Learn what you can from the ones that don’t and hopefully they’ll happen less often.

  • Favourite place in the world?

  • South Africa

  • Excluding your own, if you had to have a new accent, which would you choose?

  • Dutch - they always look so happy!

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