Why Do Businesses Need A Infrastructure Recruitment Strategy?

Someone at a computer creating their infrastructure recruitment strategy

Technology is changing all the time.

Newer advances in technologies such as the cloud is just one example of how businesses are updating their IT infrastructure in order to have a sleeker, increasingly efficient, and more-effective system in place. This has inevitably caused a higher demand for IT professionals.

However, IT infrastructure consultants and engineers are entering the workforce at a much lower rate than businesses need them. This conflict means that companies have to work harder to attract the few professionals that are available.

Thus, without a proper investment in your infrastructure recruitment strategy, you will find it hard to recruit the top talent that will give your company the competitive edge in your sector.

What is IT infrastructure and why is it important?

In essence, your company’s IT infrastructure is the framework that supports your IT services. It is the backbone of your business, supporting internal programs, information, communications, and much more.

There has been an ever increasing demand for IT infrastructure engineers to help businesses move to the cloud. It has been predicted that by 2024, 45% of IT spending on system infrastructure will be on cloud systems.

This can be partly explained as a reaction to a changing workforce becoming gradually more remote and increasingly more globally interconnected. Due to this, the need for off-site accessibility to a company’s network is becoming critical.

Investing in your infrastructure is crucial as neglecting to monitor and update your systems can create problems. Your business can face connectivity issues, unexpected downtimes, and even possible security issues and data breaches.

I’m sure many of you have experienced the stress and occasional havoc that can come with computers in the office not working or systems not connecting. If this becomes a common issue, it can lead to a loss of work and even limit your ability to grow and compete with others in your industry. Using an IT infrastructure recruitment agency, you can ensure you are getting the right IT infrastructure engineers and consultants in place to mitigate the risks of this happening.

Pros and Cons of moving to a cloud infrastructure

To properly assess the best approach to take for updating and maintaining your IT infrastructure, it is important that you recruit an IT infrastructure consultant on a contract or permanent basis to update and maintain your systems.

This list of pros and cons will help you to understand why there has been such an increase in companies moving to the cloud and whether it could fit your company.

Pros in moving to a cloud infrastructure

  • Employees can access your company’s internal systems from anywhere at any time via a good internet connection- this means you can offer remote working options which can be a quick win to attract and retain top talent
  • It is simple to scale up storage without having to buy additional hardware
  • Data is decentralised, which mitigates the risk of all your data being stolen or damaged at once
  • Cloud storage often includes security protection as well as automated backups for disaster recovery

Cons in moving to a cloud infrastructure

  • It is internet dependent, so if employees are in a place of no internet or a slow connection, they will not be able to access your company’s network
  • There is less control over your network as you have to use a third-party provider for your cloud systems
  • As the cloud is accessed and stored online there are risks of cyber attacks

Whether you decide to upgrade to a cloud network or find IT infrastructure engineers to maintain your existing systems, an infrastructure recruitment strategy is vital to your long-term IT planning and success.

Cloud and IT Infrastructure engineers are in high demand

Nearly 95% of employers experience difficulties when recruiting tech talent. With the job market favouring candidates, a strong infrastructure recruitment strategy is crucial for businesses if you want to get the best talent.

Demand has increased for IT professionals partly due to the current skills shortage in the IT industry. This has been exacerbated by a shortage of overseas workers due to much stricter immigration laws post Brexit, creating a lack of IT professionals coming to the UK.

In addition to this, the growing need from companies to join the cloud or recruit IT infrastructure engineers to take advantage of the latest technologies has meant the amount of job openings has increased, but there are not enough professionals to fill them. As many as 100,000 unfilled vacancies per month was reported in 2022.

Whilst other companies try to combat this by offering higher salaries and more competitive bonus packages, not everyone can do this especially given the greater economic uncertainties in 2023. Many have to think of more inventive ways of attracting the crème de la crème of the IT industry. This can be through offering flexible or remote working, increased benefits, training – the list is endless.

IT infrastructure recruitment specialists can offer the advice you need to attract the best of the IT industry, as well as posessing the expertise you need to vet them. By working with both clients and job seeking IT infrastructure engineers, they are aware of how businesses in your industry attract candidates and ultimately what candidates want.

How an IT infrastructure recruitment agency can help you secure the best talent

Recruiting IT infrastructure consultants or engineers can be complex, especially if you do not have an established IT team already.

There are many reasons why even general recruitment agencies can save you time and money, but for infrastructure recruitment, the edge is with a specialist recruitment team. At VIQU, we are vertical market specialists with over 150 years of combined experience in Infrastructure recruitment experience and are well-equipped to find the best employee for you.

As infrastructure recruitment specialists, we are able to:

  • Help you coordinate an infrastructure recruitment strategy specific to your business needs
  • Advertise your job roles via our online network to reach relevant IT Infrastructure engineers and other Infrastructure consultants
  • Provide key market insights on your competitors
  • Identify key candidates from the list of applicants
  • Conduct first stage interviews with candidates, knowing the right competency-based questions to ask based on your specifications
  • Be the liaison between you and the candidate, giving feedback to improve the process and increase the likeliness of finding a good match

Compiling an infrastructure recruitment strategy is complicated and with the market as competitive as it is, leave it to IT infrastructure recruitment specialists to secure you the best talent in the industry.

To take the best advantage of our expertise and specialist knowledge in IT infrastructure recruitment, contact us today for help and support.

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