4 Ways IT Job Agencies Save You Time And Money

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This may sound counterintuitive to some – but investing in working with IT job agencies for your future internal recruitment plans can be part of a low-cost recruiting strategy for your business.

Let me be clear, whether you use a recruitment agency or rely on your own in-house resources, hiring tech talent will cost you time and money. Often, the costs involved in handling the hiring process yourself are massively underestimated, especially if there are unexpected issues that can delay hiring. Thus, using a recruitment agency can offer up a low-cost and fast solution to your hiring woes.

As a recruitment consultant, with 10+ years of experience, I’ve seen the huge impact recruitment agencies can have on hiring strategies and headcounts. Below I discuss 4 simple ways IT job agencies can save your business time and money:

IT job agencies reduce the internal workload

The old saying ‘time costs money’ applies here.

Whether you have an internal hiring team or rely upon individuals who do not have skills in talent acquisition, to complete the hiring process, you will find it will take far more time than you expect to complete. It will inevitably also take these individuals away from their day-to-day tasks that bring in revenue for the business and help with growth.

Additionally, whomever you give the responsibility of recruitment to, might not have the experience in hiring tech talent which could lead to a bad hire and having to repeat the process again sooner than expected. Even if you have a specific hiring manager, who is fantastic at filling vacancies in other areas of your business, they might not have the right technical knowledge to know how to properly evaluate a tech hire.

There are often unexpected events and issues that pop up in a business. These have the possibility to pause or completely derail a recruitment process, which can mean you missing out on the current candidates you’re interviewing. Say you find yourself unexpectedly busy and cannot attend the interviews as agreed. Without an agency on hand to keep an eye on all aspects of the hiring process, it’s possible that candidates might fall out of the process and form a bad impression of the business due to a lack of communication. At this point, yours or your team member’s hard work will be all for nothing. Whereas, if you’re working alongside IT job agencies, they will be able to suggest solutions, such as having direct access to your diary or utilising video interview tools in order to contact firm stage interviews on your behalf.

IT recruitment agencies have extensive market knowledge

IT job agencies like VIQU, stay informed of current market trends, understand the external factors impacting the market, and know what candidates want from their employers – these are some of the main benefits of using a recruitment agency.

For example, the market has been candidate-driven for the past year. Essentially, there aren’t enough candidates to fill a lot of roles across sectors. This has created difficulties for many companies, however, our understanding of the market means that our clients get valuable insights that help them to become more attractive to prospective hires. We talk to candidates every day, so we know what they are looking for and need, and can help advise you on your approach and how to handle this new hiring environment.

To place yourself above your competitors and hire the top talent your company needs, you must know both what other businesses are offering and how you can better attract your ideal candidate. This is what we, at VIQU, specifically can help you with.

Furthermore, there have also been external factors in the past few years which has affected the hiring market such as Covid and the burgeoning cost of living crisis. These have both changed the way we work and what candidates are expecting from employers.

For example, cloud computing and cyber security have seen exponential demand in the last 2 years, yet there are a limited number of professionals skilled in these areas, which is pushing up salaries. So if you are working from salary data from a few years back, you will find it’s vastly different from current expectations and struggle to fill that role.

Using an IT job agency that knows both the market insights and how to attract the best talent, will save you a lot of time, making it a low-cost recruiting option. The longer you spend on a project, the more expensive it gets.

The hiring market is forever in flux and as vertical market specialists, we keep our finger on the pulse, so you don’t have to.

IT job agencies have experience with both permanent and contract jobs

Making the decision on whether you need a contractor, or a permanent employee can be a complicated one.  Unsure which is best for your company? Or deciding to take on your first perm/ contracting employee?

A contractor can be taken on to help with a specific project or fill a temporary gap in your workplace. They are contracted for a specific period of time, and work at a fixed day rate. They often have a fixed term contract that can be extended if necessary.

As a recruiter with lots of contracting experience, I often work with companies to help find them identify the most cost-effective choice for their requirements. A contractor may cost more per day, but if you only need someone for a short period of time, they will be cheaper than hiring a permanent employee for the same job.

If you’re considering taking on a contractor for the first time, it’s important to have access to specialist knowledge and individuals who can support you through the hiring process. We know contracting can seem daunting and confusing for some businesses, especially with the latest proposed changes to IR35 being reintroduced and then scrapped. It’s hard to know as a business what the latest regulations are and what you are expected to do.

However, working with an IT recruitment agency like VIQU means that you will be operating safe in the knowledge that you are complying with the law. Our established relationships with multiple umbrella and insurance providers, in addition to our well-tested system, ensures that your contractor will be onboarded smoothly and with ease and that everything legal and tax related is covered.

IT recruitment agencies can take on tasks you don’t want/ have the capacity to do

Common hiring mistakes often take place when there isn’t someone taking dedicated control of the process.

Anyone who has gone through the hiring process knows there is a lot of admin work involved. From reading through CVs to vetting candidates with a pre-interview call, these are often the jobs that the average person simply doesn’t have time for.

To help you save time, one of the benefits of using a recruitment agency is that they will handle these tasks for you. This might include carrying out first stage interviews for you, explaining test assessments to the candidates, checking references, and coordinating interviews to fit in with your diary. This can cut down the process significantly, allowing you to have more time to do your job efficiently, and conduct the interviews with a clear level head.


Need help with a new hire and don’t know where to start? As an IT recruitment agency with 150+ years of combined experience, we are in a fantastic position to assist you with your IT hiring strategy. Contact us here.

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