How An IT Specialist Recruitment Agency Will Benefit Your Business

A business woman smiling after using an IT specialist recruitment agency to successfully hire great tech talent

Are you planning on growing your IT team or need an interim tech professional for an upcoming project?

We all know how tight the tech labour market is currently. Latest statistics show that 95% of employers are grappling with securing tech professionals.

Don’t struggle unnecessarily! Use an IT specialist recruitment agency like VIQU to help you obtain your next IT hire.

Work with an IT specialist recruitment agency that knows IT

Whilst not all IT recruitment specialists are equipped with computing degrees and qualifications, you’ll be surprised by how many have worked in IT/technology in their past lives. In fact, I used to work as a Computer Operator in my twenties!

At VIQU, our IT recruitment consultants work in specialisms, including but not limited to, Project Management, Software Development, Cloud and Infrastructure, and Cyber Security. Each consultant focuses on a particular area of IT so that they can hone their knowledge and expertise in one specialism. By working with IT recruitment specialists that have a deep understanding of your current skills gap and the exact skills you need to plug it, the speed and quality of your recruitment process will benefit tremendously.

Whilst a generalist agency will cover many industries and are unlikely to have anything more than a passing acquaintance with the IT sector, IT specialist recruitment agencies will be able to provide a bespoke and knowledge-led approach. That’s where IT recruitment specialists, like VIQU, truly add value.

IT recruitment agencies understand the IT market

The current job market has changed massively in the past few years.

A combination of Brexit, the pandemic and tighter immigration laws have all added to a prominent skills shortage in the UK IT sector. The latest figures show that over 55,000 tech roles are currently unfilled. This has created a much higher level of competition between businesses for candidates. As companies find it harder to recruit, the power moves to the candidates, creating a candidate-driven market. The high number of job role openings combined with limited professionals to fill them, allows job hunters to have their pick of the bunch!

You are likely to have no knowledge of these changes in the market unless you’re fully focused on talent acquisition. Nor do you have the time to do the research to form this knowledge. Again, that’s where IT recruitment specialists, like VIQU, will benefit your efforts. We hear daily both what candidates want and the factors pushing them to leave their current employment. We will help you create an effective recruitment campaign to ensure that you are attracting the right candidates and that they remain with you post-onboarding.

IT specialist recruitment agencies understand how to attract IT candidates

A great way to combat a tight labour market is to understand the best way to advertise your role to the individual you’re looking to hire. You can achieve this by creating a detailed candidate specification, and then producing a recruitment campaign that speaks to those individuals, highlighting your EVP (Employee Valuation Proposition) and employer brand.

Through scoping calls, we will take the time to learn your company’s EVP, which will help us effectively communicate it to potential candidates. This will help potential hires learn about your company and become more interested in your role.

According to a recent survey, these are some of the most popular aspects of a job and perks IT professionals value. Below you can see the percentage of IT professionals that rate them as important considerations for any job:

  • Remote and flexible working – 51%
  • Good paternity and maternity leave – 47%
  • Increased holiday allowance – 45%
  • Defined company values – 40%
  • Clear progression path – 38%

These elements can be particularly important considerations for companies that are unable to offer the highest salaries in the sector. Certain benefits, such as remote working, are incredibly popular and can make you a very attractive employer. An IT specialist recruitment agency, such as VIQU, has the experience and know how to effectively hire a remote worker. We will help you assess your EVP and align it with what potential candidates are looking for.

IT recruitment agencies can save you time and money

Recruiting in-house can be deceptively expensive.

If you don’t have a talent acquisition or recruitment team, you will find your managers, admin staff and HR will haemorrhage time and resources carrying out your hiring campaign. To summarise, if you’re leaving the process up to your current employees, it will take them away from their tasks and projects, often causing a ripple effect in the company. This can lead to lower productivity and delayed services affecting the business at large.

As IT recruitment specialists, we are experts in this area and will handle every stage of the process for you, saving you time and money. Certain tedious tasks such as going through CVs and checking references are a crucial part of the hiring process, which many companies dread going themselves. We have the capacity to carry out each part of the recruitment process for you, so your company can focus on doing what you do best.

Without an IT specialist recruitment agency to keep candidates engaged and interested in your role, you risk losing them to another company. This unfortunately happens, especially in this tight labour market where companies are often competing against each other.

IT recruitment consultants have a wide network of connections

Take a look at any experienced recruiter’s LinkedIn profile and you will find that we have thousands of connections. Building an online network of professionals is vital in IT recruitment.

As IT recruitment consultants, we create our network around our specialist IT field. We connect with relevant professionals, join niche IT groups, and post information our specialist network will find important and engaging. By doing this, we have a ready-made audience of IT experts who might be interested in tech roles we advertise.

IT recruitment agencies, often promote job adverts through company websites and social media. At VIQU, we do weekly round-ups of permanent and contract jobs, reaching both active and passive candidates in our network. We have a vast network of page followers, many of whom we have worked with in the past.

The reality is that as an IT specialist recruitment agency, we have much wider access to IT professionals than most regular businesses. Without help from IT recruitment specialists, you will likely struggle to curate a decent talent pool without spending a lot of money on job advertisements, or time organising recruitment processes.

IT recruitment consultants can give you access to interim and contract professionals

Do you have an urgent gap in your business? Are you looking for a permanent team member, but need a contractor to fill the gap during your recruitment process? Perhaps you are looking for a niche skillset to temporarily assist with a project? There are a wide variety of reasons you may require a contractor.

Through a scoping call, we will ascertain what the gap in your IT team or project is and advise whether a contractor will be a good fit for your requirement. For example, whether you need a contracted help desk engineer to assist your company through temporary migration issues, or a permanent C++ developer to join your growing team, we can help you make the right decisions and find the perfect fit for your business.

We also have experience securing IT contractors for emergency situations too. Only a few months ago, a client came to us after a cyber security breach, needing immediate help to mitigate the risk. We were able to source and place all 3 contractors within 48 hours. This is not something you will be able to find with a generalist recruitment agency. We have the contacts and the ability to help you obtain the best talent immediately.


Do you need the expert guidance and support of an IT specialist recruitment agency? Trust our expertise in this area! Contact us with your requirements today and we will help you secure a great fit for your company.

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