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Think back to the last time you handled the recruitment process of an IT professional for your business in-house…

Often, especially for SMEs, hiring IT professionals can temporarily dominate a company. Without a dedicated hiring team, you may have had to delegate tasks out to HR, Admin, Marketing, or senior leaders in the business, all of whom will feel the pinch on their time, and neglect their work in order to get through the recruitment process.

Even larger companies that may have a department specifically for internal hires and talent acquisition, will not have the technical specialist knowledge to hire the right talent. Recruiting in IT is unlike other sectors. Therefore, working with IT recruiting agencies to hire your technical talent will ensure you get the crème de la crème of IT talent for your business.

IT Recruiting Agencies Can Deal with the Repetitive, Boring, and Time-Consuming Tasks

When considering the process involved in hiring IT professionals, you may think of tasks such as advertising the role, looking at a few great CVs, performing interviews with all suitable candidates, and then onboarding the best fit – all within a few weeks. Unfortunately, it’s never that simple!

There are many small, yet time-consuming tasks involved in any recruitment process. Most businesses detest doing these tasks, with some choosing to avoid them altogether, but each one of them is important to reaching the end goal of hiring the right IT professional. By choosing to work with a recruitment agency for IT vacancies, you will have tedious tasks like these handled for you:

  • Researching the best job boards for the skillset you require
  • Sifting through unsuitable candidate applications – which can sometimes equal hundreds
  • Requesting and chasing references
  • Booking in interview times
  • Conducting pre and post-interview calls to gauge how the candidate is feeling
  • Utilising tests and technical assessments to gather data to rank the candidates level of skill
  • Acting as a point of contact throughout the recruitment process

Recruiting in IT can be a challenge. These are important you need to undertake in order to ensure you are employing an individual with the right soft and hard skills for your business. However, repetitive admin tasks do not need to be on your list of jobs, use a recruitment agency for IT requirements, so that you can simply focus on who is the best fit for your company.

Outsourcing Can Help Support or Replace an Expensive Internal Hiring Team

The Ukraine-Russia war, the cost-of-living crisis & a potential recession in 2023 have all deeply affected the job market. Due to the current economic situation, you may find that your IT needs are a lot more sporadic as a result. Using a recruitment agency for IT vacancies is far most cost-effective than maintaining a full-time permanent internal hiring department.

Even if you keep your internal hiring team, they are unlikely to have the expertise in the field of IT your company needs. IT vacancies and the technical skills needed can read like alien text to someone without experience in the IT and technology sector. I’ve had multiple scoping calls with HR professionals, administration and talent acquisition professionals who clearly did not have any understanding of the job spec they’d been tasked to pull together. Obviously, this is not their fault in the slightest, but it signifies one of the core reasons why outsourcing to an IT recruitment team is paramount. Whatever level of assistance you need, IT recruiting agencies such as VIQU can fit to your requirements.

The Power of the IT Recruitment Agency’s Networks

A large part of a recruiter’s job is dedicated to building up their online network.

While many recognise the benefit of making connections online it is unlikely the network you may curate of your industry peers will include the IT professionals your business needs.

Recruiters, on the other hand, create their network around their specialism, focusing on connecting with professionals in that field. They will follow specific IT groups, and consistently post and repost information that their specialist network will find important.

As they connect and work with more IT professionals, their web of connections becomes bigger. That way when the time comes to post your IT job advert, they already have a ready audience of people who might be interested. This will ensure you get noticed by the best in the market!

IT recruiting agencies, such as VIQU, also use social media to advertise roles. Posting weekly videos of all the roles our recruiters have available helps us to reach both passive and active candidates in our ever-growing network. We have a wide range of permanent and contract IT professionals following our social media. This includes contractors who have worked with us numerous times and look to us when their contract work is ending. Therefore, when we advertise your new role, you will be catching the eye of trusted professionals.

So, if you decide to handle the role yourself, the reality is that you’ll probably end up spending hours scrolling through unsuitable CVs, when you could have engaged a recruitment agency for IT professionals, who will have consultants that have the top talent for the skillset you require already in their extensive network.

IT Recruiting Agencies Know the IT Job Market

Recruiting in IT is often tricky.

As there is a prominent skills shortage within the IT sector, the job market is significantly candidate driven. As vertical market specialists, who speak with candidates day in and day out, we hear why IT professionals are leaving their current companies and what they are looking for in their next workplace.

Candidates are more likely to give out information to recruiters they’ve built a relationship with than to prospective businesses. This gives recruitment agencies in the IT industry far better insights into the current market, both locally and nationally, than a normal business could hope to have, even after doing their research.

When hiring IT talent, the person in charge of the recruitment process needs to know the specialism inside and out to judge the skill level of the candidate. This is what an IT recruitment agency can offer you.

Recruitment Agencies Can Make the Interviewing Process Smoother

Interviews for permanent IT positions normally involve multiple stages and assessments. As you want someone who is both a good fit for your company and a specialist in their area, longer interviews and assessments are necessary. However, this can take up a significant amount of time and put pressure on other areas of your company which may have to be neglected in the process.

Recruiters have the tools and ability to conduct first stage interviews for you, meaning that they’ve already significantly narrowed down the talent you need to interview. At VIQU, we use Odro to record video interviews using the questions you want to ask. Thus, giving you the ability to look over the responses from the candidates when it suits you. We also have the ability to organise assessments for you to test the skills of any prospective hire – we even have our own technical testing tool!

We also have specialist knowledge in what hard and soft skills are needed for the job role, with experience in dealing with roles that are both on site and remote.  Especially, for remote working roles, candidates often need a particular skill set that enables them to work effectively while not physically with their team.

This means the time you spend at the final stages of the interview process is with individuals who have already been fully vetted and deemed to be suitable candidates. This ensures your valuable time is used effectively.


With decades of combined IT recruitment experience in our team, if you would like assistance in hiring IT professionals for your business, please contact us today.

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