Why Should We Hire A Data Analyst?

A report with charts that were created from company data, this is what you could get when you hire a data analyst

If you want to make the most of your data, then choosing to hire a data analyst should be an easy decision.

In this blog, I will explore how a data analyst will allow you to make the most of your data and benefit your business’s bottom line. I’ll advise on the skills you should expect a high quality data analyst to have, the day-to-day responsibilities they should take on, and how a data analyst recruitment agency can support your hiring efforts.

What is a data analyst and why should you hire one?

Many companies proactively collect as much data as they can with the intention of being able to use it effectively. However, collecting large amounts of data can be overwhelming to businesses that aren’t fully prepared to process the data efficiently.

From your website user journeys to social media and email campaign statistics, you will be generating lots of data about your customer base that you can use. A data analyst will clean, manage and sort data before using it as evidence to help you make more informed business decisions. If you hire a data analyst, you can create better products and services tailored to your target audience, ultimately driving growth and success. It can also inform other areas of your business, such as your marketing and sales campaigns, to better reach and attract your target audience with your products and services.

With many businesses pushing for greater digital transformations since the pandemic, the vast majority are taking advantage of data analytics to further improve their services. If you want to be ahead of the curve, hiring a data analyst should be part of your strategy for 2023.

What is the data analysis process?

Whilst every analyst will have their own way of working through data, there is a standard process of managing and analysing data that many will undertake. When you choose to hire a data analyst, this is a typical 6-stage process you would expect an analyst to follow:

  • Definition – determine what your business needs data analysis for
  • Collection – the necessary data can then be gathered through surveys, interviews, questionnaires etc.
  • Processing –  all the data that has been collected is then divided and organised into relevant groups
  • Cleaning – any data that is a duplicate, is incomplete, or has errors is removed
  • Analysis – conclusions can be made from this data based on what was decided in phase one
  • Communication – any results and conclusions are reported to stakeholders and the leadership team, usually with recommendations on what the company should do with it

What are the core skills of a data analyst?

Data analysts need both hard and soft skills to be effective in a business.

In terms of technical skills, data analysts need to be experienced in working with data. Data is a whole subsection of IT and there are many skills analysts need to have in order to work effectively. When undergoing a data analyst recruitment process, you need to include the following technical skills in the job description to find the right professional:

  • Data cleaning, modelling, and management
  • Data quality assurance
  • Statistical knowledge
  • Data visualisations and reports
  • Programming
  • Database management
  • Understanding of GDPR and all laws relating to data collection and storage

As well as technical skills, data analysts also need to be able to communicate their findings to stakeholders, who may or may not understand technical language. If you want to hire a data analyst, you should assess and look for the following soft skills:

  • Critical thinking
  • Communication
  • Problem solving

What are the day-to-day responsibilities of a data analyst?

When you hire a data analyst, you can expect to give them the following responsibilities:

  • Identifying, collecting, and migrating data
  • Summarising data into reports or visual aids such as graphs and charts
  • Monitoring and audit data quality
  • Identifying trends and patterns in the data
  • Communicating with management to understand business vision and needs
  • Developing and supporting reporting processes
  • Designing and carrying out surveys and analysing survey data

Whilst data analysts mostly work within the IT department, they often collaborate across the business with management, marketing, and sales. Therefore, depending on the exact project they are working on, their day-to-day tasks and responsibilities will vary.

The benefits of using a data analyst recruitment agency

When you are considering whether to hire a data analyst, utilising a data analyst recruitment agency should be a key point of discussion.

Then, when you’re ready to begin the hiring process, a data analyst recruitment agency will give you ample advice and knowledge to support your efforts.

Some of the benefits of working with a data analyst recruitment agency include:

  • The ability to advise you on whether to hire a data analyst as a permanent team member or as a contractor based on your internal needs
  • An eagerness to get to know your company fully and become your brand ambassador, giving the agency the tools to represent your opportunity successfully to the best data analyst talent
  • Being specialists in data analysis recruitment. This means the agency understands the data skills and responsibilities needed and can vet efficiently for suitable candidates
  • The ability to aid in your recruitment campaign to ensure you can attract the right data analyst candidates
  • Being equipped to dedicate resources to advertising your role, searching through job boards and candidates for you
  • Being able to take on pre-interview calls and first-stage interviews to save you time and money
  • The ability to distribute and collect results from skills assessments. These can test technical abilities in data literacy or soft skills, aiding you in securing the perfect data analyst candidate

Don’t let the data pile up and overwhelm your business. Make the most of the data you collect by using a data analyst recruitment agency to help you find the best talent. If you need assistance to hire a data analyst, contact us for tailored support.

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