Getting Into Recruitment: My First 4 Months

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I’ve reached my 4 month mark here at VIQU! It’s my first job in the recruitment industry so I’ve certainly learnt A LOT over the past few months. From understanding how to source candidates on job boards, to learning how VIQU’s CRM system works and making my first candidate call, it’s been an intense couple of months.

If you’re wondering what it’s like to kickstart your recruitment career at VIQU, or you want some general advice on getting into recruitment, here is what I’ve discovered so far…

What were you doing before recruitment and what attracted you to the role?

I was the general manager of a major restaurant chain. I really enjoyed my job, but I wanted a change of career where I’d have the opportunity for growth and further progression while having weekends free to see friends and family.

I was attracted to recruitment as I was looking for a role that would revolve around people, but was also high energy, fast-paced, and had variety. I came into this job with an open mind. After asking loads of questions during my interview (which the team were more than happy to answer!), it looked like a good fit. These past few months have gone really well, and I haven’t looked back!

What have been your main highlights?

When I was getting into recruitment, my first deal was something I thought about a lot, and it was such a great feeling when it finally happened – this is definitely my top highlight!

In addition to the big deals, in recruitment, you often get small wins such as candidates being offered interviews and progressing to the next stage in the process, but there is nothing better than your candidate being offered their perfect job! Often, what you put into your job is what you get out of it, and working that extra bit harder with a client, or a candidate brings its rewards.

Furthermore, I’ve had some fantastic conversations with candidates! They are so passionate about their jobs and it’s such a pleasure to get to know them and then find the right fit for their next IT job.

Have you faced any obstacles?

I often get nervous before doing something new for the first time. For instance, the first time I made a business development call was definitely nerve-wracking!  However, with some reassurance, help from my colleagues, and a bit of practice, it has gotten easier. Often when you push yourself and crack on with the job, the nerves do subside, and you will succeed.

Any advice for people interested in getting into recruitment?

  • Be aware of what’s in your control

Sometimes your candidate isn’t offered the role, or perhaps your client changes their requirements last minute, or your candidate gets a better offer that you can’t beat. There are a number of variables that mean not everything is within your control. This is part of the nature of the industry. Stay on top of the areas of the job you can control, rather than focus on what you can’t.

  • Trust the process

The first month I did really well, I assisted my manager Nicholas with making a placement and secured my first deal. I was so pleased – it was such an amazing feeling!

Then the next month, I had the worst luck, with nothing seemingly going my way. This can feel really defeating but unfortunately, having both highs and lows is natural in recruitment.

My top tip is to talk to your colleagues! Everyone is in the same boat, and many have been where you are now. They can be helpful in offering some advice or even just giving you some reassurance that things will get better.

  • Leave no stone unturned

A major learning curve in the first few months is understanding what questions to ask and remembering to ask them! Sometimes the smallest detail can be the difference between making or losing a deal.

  • Having a thick skin helps

As a recruiter, you may face getting ignored or rejected. However, don’t take it personally! More times than not, you will talk to passionate professionals who appreciate what you do.

Is there anything about getting into recruitment people get wrong?

Some people have this perception that recruitment is cut-throat. That working here looks like the Wolf of Wall Street- where you have crazy high targets, and you are fired for the smallest error. This is not the case at all. In my time at VIQU, I’ve found the whole team to be really supportive. Everyone is happy for you and celebrates your wins, which is a great confidence booster.

Is it like a sales job in tech? Do I need knowledge of the IT sector?

If you’re thinking about getting into IT recruitment – don’t worry if you don’t know much about the IT sector! I was given a really useful overview of the main sectors within IT in my first week, and then you naturally pick up specialist terms and language along the way. Since joining VIQU, I’ve learnt so much about IT, though I have also quickly become aware that there is still so much more to learn. Sometimes if I’m not sure of a term, I’ll ask a colleague or keep Google open while I’m on calls. Plus, most candidates I speak to are specialists in their respective fields.  Normally, they are more than happy to share their knowledge and explain technical jargon to you.

Anything coming up that you are excited about?

I’m finally building up a client base which I am really excited about. Reaching out to new contacts was a little daunting at first, but I know with some effort and practice it’ll become a lot easier.

I went to VIQU’s annual canoe trip earlier this summer and had a wonderful time, so I’m really looking forward to getting involved in future Christmas conferences (last year the team went to Dubai!) and other team activities.

I’ve really enjoyed my last 4 months and hopefully will have many more here!


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If you have been searching for a sales job in tech, or you are interested in getting into recruitment at VIQU, please click here to check out our internal recruitment career opportunities.


Suzie and her VIQU colleagues enjoying the canoe trip  Suzie attending a 'welcome to the team' lunch

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