Our Specialisms

Functional & Leadership

Often connecting business needs with technology; these individuals lead, grow and drive teams, delivering projects and outcomes, whilst also managing stakeholders.

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Technical & Development

Making everything possible. Often from a mathematical background, these individuals design and build creative solutions for technical challenges or development within a business.

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Cloud & Infrastructure

The backbone of IT. From devices to data centres, these people design, configure and support hardware and software products, often balancing technology with customer engagement skills.

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Cyber Security

Maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data, protecting internet-connected systems, including hardware, software and data, from cyber attacks. Some individuals are process focused, whilst others use their technical abilities to hack systems.

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Our consultants have been in recruitment for a long time (some of us have the greys to prove it!) - we’ve been there… done that… and helped A LOT of clients identify the right IT talent for them along the way!

We won’t pretend that we’re a 100 people strong team. We’re a growing team of knowledgeable and experienced consultants located in Birmingham and Southampton, who understand the time constraints, communication issues and general challenges that hiring managers and anyone looking to recruit faces.

Providing a high-quality service is what our business centres around, and we pride ourselves on our consultants’ approachable and friendly attitudes.

So, whether you’re looking to hire permanent members of staff, OR specialist IT contractors and consultants to assist with a project in the UK or internationally, our team are ready and happy to help.

We’re Nothing Without Our Team

We like to say that we're hard to join, and even harder to leave.

Offering an experienced team environment and a proactive approach to life quality has led to us being in the fortunate position to hire IT and tech recruitment consultants that have honed their craft and understand how to deliver a fantastic quality of service to both our clients and candidates.

Meet Our Team

How We Like To Work


When you approach us about a potential IT requirement, we take our time to fully understand your business, before discussing the permanent IT hires or contractors you’re looking to onboard. We see ourselves as an extension of your business, so representing your voice and image is very important to us. We ask in-depth questions around what technical and soft skills your ideal tech hire needs to possess, before discussing salaries / day rates and whether you’ve considered alternative options.


Once details are confirmed, we write eye-catching job adverts, look through our extensive network of potential IT candidates and search job boards. Most importantly we headhunt for your ideal hire, an often-forgotten skill in recruitment these days.


We’ll never put a candidate in front of you before we’ve taken the time to interview them ourselves, understanding their character and motivations, in addition to their skillset. When required, we use our own Technical Assessment tool in order check their technical skill level. Once we’re happy, we share the potential candidates with you and support you with the interview process.

Ensure Compliancy

Reducing any potential risks to your business is imperative to us. Once you’ve chosen your new employee / contractor, we will go through a series of measures to ensure their validity, connecting them with our payroll partner of choice and making sure they’re ready to join your business!

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