Why It Is A Great Time To Work In IT Recruitment In Southampton

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The South of England has experienced exciting levels of growth in the last 5-10 years. Although I mean no disrespect to my colleagues based in Birmingham, I believe the Solent region has a lot to offer businesses, tech professionals and recruiters, so I’m very excited to share my reasons why I think it’s a great time to work in IT recruitment in Southampton. 

IT Recruitment in Southampton: A Super Cluster City

In the last 5 years, Southampton has welcomed multiple exciting new businesses to the area, thanks, in part, to Southampton being named in the top 5 of CBRE’s ‘Super Cluster’ category, part of its EMEA Tech Cities: Opportunities in Technology Hotspots report. Coming 5th in a list of 23 cities, Southampton was favoured over renowned UK and European tech hubs, including Cambridge, Bristol, and Vienna.

In May 2019, Starling Bank named Southampton as the location of their new office. Some people were confused by this move, after all, UK cities such as Bristol and Manchester are known for their tech prowess, why choose a small city on the South Coast? However, once you acknowledge and understand Southampton’s Super Cluster status, it’s clear that there are many reasons why businesses like Starling Bank are choosing to have a presence in Southampton, making it an exciting time for local IT recruiters like me!

Taking Tech Seriously

Southampton is home to two research-intensive universities, including Southampton University, a global leader in technological advances. As a member of the SETsquared partnership, a unique collaboration between 6 research-leading UK universities, the university works to support innovative businesses. Additionally, in 2017, Southampton University’s Web Science Institute (WSI) worked with the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) to form the Z21 Innovation Fund. This initiative funds proof of concept projects which have the potential to be accelerated into new businesses and job creation for the Solent region.

In 2019, TechSolent was created to connect, promote and develop the tech community in Southampton and the wider Solent region. A joint venture by law firm Coffin Mew, Southampton Solent University, Southampton City Council, and IoT Solutions Group, TechSolent hosts networking and educational events for local technology businesses, academic institutions, and government entities, designed to support collaboration and ultimately benefit the Solent region.

Working in the UK’s Best City

So, how does all of this culminate in Southampton being a great city for IT recruiters like me? It’s simple, as Southampton becomes increasingly known as a UK tech hub, the more industry-leading businesses relocate and open additional offices in the Hampshire region, which in turn leads to more exciting opportunities for local Southampton IT recruitment agencies like VIQU.

Location, Location, Location…

Recently, I’ve revelled in the opportunity to work with incredible businesses that are willing to push the boundaries to identify world-class IT talent, supporting individuals with relocation packages to move to the South Coast.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020, there have been many reports of individuals desiring to move out of cities to more green locations. For instance, in August 2020, the London Assembly governmental body found that 4.5% of Londoners it polled said they would definitely move out of the city within the next 12 months, citing the prospect of a lower cost of living as a major consideration. In comparison to London where the average monthly spend for an individual person is £2,818, in Southampton, the average is £1,701.

Additionally, since the pandemic started, many people have come to value alternative living arrangements, whether that’s due to a change in mindset or the ability to work remotely. Due to this, individuals are valuing larger homes, having access to an abundance of green spaces and water, and minimal traffic – all things that contributed to Southampton being classed as Very High in the most recent Quality of Life Index.

In the last 18 months, I have had the pleasure of supporting a number of talented tech professionals, including developers and cloud engineers, to relocate to Hampshire. I love my city, and truly believe that Southampton is a fantastic location for tech professionals, innovative businesses, and IT recruitment consultants like me to thrive!


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