VIQU Opens New Southampton Office

Southampton recruitment

After the successful opening and launch of our Southampton recruitment office in May 2018, we’ve taken the last 12 months as an opportunity to reinvest in our Southampton recruitment team and open a brand new office!

When we purchased the ground floor property by Ocean Village in spring 2020, we asked our Southampton recruitment team what they’d like to see in the new office. The majority wanted standing desks and a shower so that they could cycle to work or exercise in their lunchtime.

We listened to their ideas and ran with them. The result? An office that comfortably sits 22 people, and features a private board room, ergonomic standing desks and a fully equipped shower room.

With the support of our Marketing Manager Rebecca Davis, this massive renovation truly reflects VIQU’s brand and forward-thinking ethos, with bright branded feature walls and windows, bespoke neon lights and air-purifying plants throughout.

I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone that helped make the office a space that any Southampton recruitment agency would be proud to show off to their candidates and clients. Thank you to Bluewood Interiors, Lime Signs, Jim Rogers, NCVC and the other businesses that supported us with this project.

Please click here to view the photos of our new office.

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