VIQU Celebrates International Women’s Day 2022

International Women's Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we spoke to a handful of our female team members about their personal experiences of working in the IT recruitment industry. #BreaktheBias

Danielle Keegan

“I’m relieved to say that being a woman in recruitment has never hindered me or held me back. In my previous company, I was its first female sales director, and at VIQU, I am proud to head up the permanent recruitment team, which consists of men and women! Working in IT recruitment gives me the ability to support women, I get heaps of satisfaction from working with companies who actively work to encourage women to work within the IT sector. Assisting women in achieving their goals and securing their dream jobs is definitely the icing on the top of the work I do.”

International Women's Day

Louise Gasper

“VIQU is without a doubt my most supportive and encouraging employer to date. To me, it’s important that a team will take on board my opinions and ideas and treat everyone fairly, regardless of whether you’re a recruiter or part of the back office, and I’m rewarded with that here.”

  International Women's Day

Melinda Queck

“I believe International Women’s Day gives us a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the brilliant women within our business and everything they have achieved. We are aiming for a 50/50 colleague ratio and can proudly say that we have a 54% female ratio at the moment. I truly hope that in the future, we don’t have to live and work in a world where this number is surprising and impressive, and it will be the norm.”

Nicola Lubbe

“At VIQU, all women have a voice, equal to that of our male colleagues. No one is favoured because of their gender, religion, or sexual orientation; we work collaboratively to achieve the best outcome for everyone.”

International Women's Day

Rebecca Davis

“When I moved to VIQU, I knew I was making the decision to move from a company that was predominantly made up of women, to IT recruitment – an industry that is generally male-dominated. I was concerned that I might find the environment daunting, or that I wouldn’t fit into the team, but I’m pleased to say that in my 3.5 years at VIQU, I’ve never felt like that. We have multiple women in senior leadership roles, and I always feel that my role & views are equally important to my male colleagues.”

International Women's Day


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