The Recruitment Canaries Spring Conference 2020

West Midlands Recruitment

I co-founded the Recruitment Canaries with Niyaa People’s Dal Shoker to allow West Midlands recruitment leaders to collaborate, discuss industry best practice and share their knowledge with one another. Since June 2018 we have organised afternoon conferences on a bi-yearly basis in order to bring recruitment leaders together to hear from industry experts, be inspired by influential speakers and network together.

The Recruitment Canaries Spring Conference was kicked off by Glyn Blaize from Northstar Innovation, who discussed how analytics and data can teach recruitment agencies how to support their consultants and existing clients.  We then welcomed Neil Rudolph from RedKnows to the stage to present 6 thought-provoking facts about recruitment marketing.

After an animated round table discussion, Katy Rees from Smile Education discussed her life story and journey to become Managing Director of a West Midlands education recruitment agency.

The pinnacle of the conference was Nigel Owens’ keynote speech and Q&A session! We were thrilled to have Nigel at the event to discuss his life story and how coming out had a positive impact on his life and helped him to become one of the best international rugby referees in the world! The Q&A session was a great opportunity for our Canaries to discuss how rugby can relate to being a good business leader and ask their burning rugby questions.

Take a look at some of the conference photos below!



If you’d like to learn more about the Recruitment Canaries and possibly get involved, please send us a message here.

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