Is Recruitment a Good Career Choice?

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As someone who isn’t in recruitment, I wondered “Is recruitment a good career choice?” and set out to ask my colleagues their opinions. Some of them are seasoned recruiters with decades of experience working in IT recruitment, whilst others are just at the start of their careers.

Here’s what they had to say:

suzie stone recruitment consultant

Suzie Stone – Recruitment Consultant

Firstly – how did you get into recruitment?

After university, I got straight into the hospitality industry, but I didn’t want it to become my career so I decided after 5 years to go for a change. I did a bit of recruitment as a restaurant manager and really enjoyed it, so I considered becoming a recruiter. I wanted a better work-life balance, something more reliable but also challenging, so recruitment seemed like a good career option for me!

What do you like about recruitment?

Honestly, I love being able to talk to and connect with people. I love how passionate people are about their jobs and it can be really rewarding to be part of their recruitment process. Yesterday, I called up a candidate to let him know he got the job and it was such a great feeling – we were both so excited!

How is it different from your previous career – is recruitment a good career choice?

I was already in a people-facing job – but I find recruiting really challenges me and pushes me out of my comfort zone. It’s easy to feel stagnant at work but with recruitment you get all these mini wins – getting someone to interview, being told they have successfully passed a stage in the interview process – these moments keep you motivated.

Danielle Keegan Head of Permanent

Danielle Keegan – Head of Permanent

Firstly – how did you get into recruitment?

I got into recruitment by chance – I was planning on taking a year out to save up for a PGCE to become a teacher and I needed a way to make money. A recruitment agency was scouting for graduates, and I joined thinking it would be a good way to earn money until I started my teaching course. I ended up loving recruitment and was with that company for 10 years before making the move to VIQU to become their Head of Permanent.

What do you like about recruitment?

For me, I like how you can control and impact how much you’re earning. With commission and incentives, there’s a much higher reward for working hard and putting the hours in. It gives you a level of autonomy in your job where you can be in control of your career.

What do you think about the career progression of a recruitment consultant?

The possible career progression of a recruitment consultant is straightforward. A good recruitment agency will give you the autonomy to build your client base, within which there is no ceiling in terms of the goals you can hit and the money you can earn.

Anything else you’d like to let people know about a career in recruitment?

It can be quite tough and it definitely isn’t suitable for everyone. You definitely can get a lot more out of it than other careers, but it is demanding and hard work to get there.

Liam Spencer Smith Recruitment Consultant

Liam Spencer-Wright – Recruitment Consultant

Firstly – how did you get into recruitment?

I’ve always worked in sales and customer service environments but felt like it wasn’t really going anywhere. I wanted the opportunity to earn more money and to have a career I could quickly progress in. Several people recommended recruitment to me as a possible option and I decided to apply!

What do you like about recruitment?

Recruitment is really rewarding as you can quickly build relationships with clients and candidates. This will help you progress in your recruitment career. Here at VIQU, we do a pledge each month where you set your own goal and targets. This is a really nice way of giving you control over what you think you’re able to do.

Matt Collingwood Managing Director

Matt Collingwood – Managing Director

Firstly – how did you get into recruitment?

Like many others, I got into recruitment by chance. I was giving my CV out looking for a sales-based job, and was offered an interview with an IT recruitment agency. I initially went along for interview practice, but I liked what recruitment stood for.

What attracted you and kept you interested in recruitment?

Recruitment has been the vehicle in which I’ve gained opportunities, been able to start my own business and support myself and my family. I’ve also been able to see a lot of people succeed and reach their goals with recruitment which has been both motivating and rewarding.

What should people know before getting into recruitment?

You need to understand that recruitment is majority sales. I’ve known candidates who think it’s more to do with HR and helping people and then when they start recruiting, they really struggle. While there are some really rewarding aspects to the job, like helping someone who has been struggling to find a role- this is a small aspect of the job. A lot of the time you’re calling people and companies who may not want to talk to you. You have to be really resilient.

Matthew Hill Recruitment Consultant

Matthew Hill – Recruitment Consultant

Firstly – how did you get into recruitment?

I didn’t know what to do after university so I was trying to find a career that was commission-based and needed people skills. My friend recommended a career in recruitment to me, and I decided to go for it.

What do you like about recruitment?

I really enjoy problem solving and working around people’s situations (such as family or caring responsibilities) to help connect them to the right company that can fully support them. A career in recruitment has allowed me to use the best of my people skills to get candidates and clients where they need to be.

How is it different from your previous career – is recruitment a good career choice for you?

Previously, I worked in events which was quite a glamorous-looking job, as I was often working on big events with lots of press. However, I wasn’t happy in it. Recruitment has given me a stable work environment where I feel I can get a good work-life balance. It’s also given me a lot of security which I really appreciate.


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