IR35: Use VIQU’s End-to-End IR35 Solution to Ensure Compliance

IR35 solution

Whether you like it or not, April 6th is nearly here, and with it comes the imminent reform to IR35 taxation. Although many businesses were hoping for another delay, the likelihood of this is low, so we urge any businesses yet to make a plan for IR35 to read our informative IR35 PDF to understand the compliant risk-free solution we are offering.

From April 6th 2021, every business that uses PSC/LTD company contractors will have to take reasonable care in assessing and documenting the working practices of each contractor to determine their IR35 status. This will be evidenced in a document known as a Status Determination Statement (SDS) and one must be completed for every engagement including contract extensions.

Up until now, contractors have been responsible for their own status, so many businesses have been overwhelmed by the prospect of time-consuming administrative work and potential legal investigations if HMRC does not agree with their determinations.

To assist businesses in determining the IR35 status of all PSC/LTD company contractors they work with, we have created a solution that absorbs the increased levels of administration involved in being compliant and indemnifies all parties in the supply chain against an HMRC investigation.

To find out more about how VIQU can support your business and the multitude of benefits our end-to-end IR35 solution provides, please click here and get in touch.


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