Why I Love Working In IT Recruitment In Hampshire

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Since being recognised as one of the UK’s fastest-growing tech clusters in 2019, Southampton and Hampshire’s tech and business industries have only continued to rise in importance.

After many years working in recruitment in South Africa, I moved to the UK in 2022. I found my home in Southampton, working for VIQU from their charming second office in Ocean Village, Southampton.

In my first couple of months working in IT recruitment in Hampshire, I was continually struck by the passion and enthusiasm local people had for technology and wider business growth in the county. It still impresses me now!

With 10% of Hampshire’s economic output coming from digital technologies, IT recruitment in Hampshire is a crucial part of the region’s economy, and it’s something I’m only getting more and more excited about as I learn about the region.

What makes IT recruitment in Hampshire great?

It’s a location that is passionate about technology

Pre-pandemic, Southampton was considered one of the top five tech super clusters in the UK. CBRE identified the region due to a high growth in tech employee numbers and a great amount of tech expertise coming from the region. Since then, the sector has grown significantly, particularly in fintech, cyber security, and digital technology.

Some key areas of IT which is specialised in Hampshire:

  • Gaming industry
  • AI
  • Cybersecurity
  • Electromagnetic intelligence
  • Unmanned systems

As you can imagine, IT recruitment agencies in Hampshire have benefited massively from the region’s booming tech industry and it’s only gaining momentum!

The high number of graduates

Hampshire is a vibrant and growing county.

The high number of universities and opportunities in the region translates into a fantastic tech graduate population. For instance, Southampton is one of the top UK cities for graduate retention, boasting an impressive 32% of graduates remaining in the city after graduation. This creates a rich pool of talented potential candidates for IT recruitment agencies in Hampshire to work with to suggest for local businesses.

In the tech sector specifically, there are 5,000 computing students in Hampshire. In fact, 40% of all UK computing students are studying at universities in the South East of England. Many universities in this area are focused on technology and IT. Consequently, this has attracted a number of tech companies to the area, who are choosing to set up offices and headquarters in the region. In the past few years, large companies such as Starling Bank, IBM, Fujitsu, Arqiva, Sony, Ordnance Survey, and Garmin have all opened offices in Hampshire.

Tech professionals and businesses are pouring into the area

Furthermore, since the pandemic and the rise of work-from-home and hybrid roles, there has been a migration of workers to the south coast. Taking advantage of lower rents and smaller cities, whilst still having close proximity to London and Bristol, has attracted tech professionals across the country to put down roots in Hampshire.

Areas such as Basingstoke and Bournemouth have reported an increase in population, in part due to a migration from London. As you can imagine, this is joyous news for IT recruitment agencies based in Hampshire, like VIQU!

With IT jobs in Hampshire standing at 19% above the national average, IT recruitment in Hampshire is going from strength to strength, attracting both companies and professionals. For IT recruitment agencies in Hampshire, there are a host of both tech businesses and candidates to work with.

With 53,000 tech professionals and 7,500 digital enterprises in the area, there is a wealth of resources. For companies that don’t want to relocate or open a branch in Hampshire, by offering hybrid or remote working options you can take advantage of the fantastic candidate pool we have.

It’s a great place to live

Hampshire has been rated the happiest area of the UK to live. This makes relocating to the area an easy sell for technology recruitment consultants in Hampshire like myself who are looking to entice professionals out of London and other big cities!

By working in IT recruitment in Hampshire, I have acquired a breadth of knowledge regarding why it’s a great place to live. These are just a few of the reasons I give to candidates who are considering relocating to the area:

  • Fantastic coasts and countryside
  • Two national parks
  • It’s the gateway to the sea
  • More sunshine than the rest of the UK
  • Easy commuting distance and transport links to London
  • Beautiful villages and countryside living with the convenience of multiple cities close by

It’s a strategic location for businesses

Last October, Southampton City Council won a bid from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport to launch a business centre. The creation of this centre will play a significant role in supporting local entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses in Hampshire. From co-working spaces to specific facilities, Hampshire is the place for expanding companies.

Hampshire also boasts of a strong digital infrastructure. With 90% of the premises connected to superfast broadband and investments of £28m in place to get this number to 100%, Hampshire is a fantastic place to conduct business, without fear of a dodgy internet connection!

Furthermore, Southampton is expected to be in the top 10 for the UK’s fastest-growing city economies by the end of 2023. The UK Powerhouse study from CEBR predicts that:

  • The local economy will rise to £7.5bn
  • The predicted growth will be on average 2.2% every year
  • There will be high levels of direct foreign investment


It is clear that Hampshire’s fortunes are only going in one direction – I implore you to take advantage of this and jump on the bandwagon!

For IT recruitment agencies, Hampshire is a great place to do business not only due to the high levels of tech professionals and graduates, but also because it is a fantastic place to live and conduct business. If you would like to take advantage of what Hampshire has to offer, contact us for support in your local hiring strategy.

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