‘Tis the Season to… Innovate!

Tech innovations

This year we have seen some incredible innovations – everything from COVID-19 vaccines being developed, to small businesses adapting their services to our own NHS Volunteer initiative!

We wondered what sort of innovations led to the kind of 21st century Christmas traditions we all know and love. So, we pulled together a list of tech innovation-inspired Christmas facts for you to enjoy!


  • Whilst we can thanks Thomas Edison and Edward H. Johnson for creating the first strands of electric lights in the 1880’s, it was 15 year old Albert Sadacca that pushed his family to start selling pre-strung multicoloured electric lights after a terrible local fire caused by candles in 1917. Sadacca’s family business, the OMA Electric Company, went on to become the world’s largest Christmas lighting company!


  • Tinsel was initially made of lead until the US government convinced manufacturers to change it to plastic.


  • The classic Christmas window display originated in New York! Due to the widespread availability of plate glass in the 1800s, shop owners were able to build large windows to display their merchandise. Macy’s New York store’s first window display featured a collection of porcelain dolls.


  • Due to a wildly successful marketing campaign, Japanese people traditionally eat KFC for their Christmas dinner. In fact, it’s so popular that you have to order your Christmas dinner 2 months in advance!


  • In the 1800s, Germany were conscious of the amount of Christmas trees going to waste after the holiday period. They began developing artificial Christmas trees using dyed green goose feathers!


  • A tiny amount of gunpowder in a cardboard tube is responsible for the classic pop sound from Christmas crackers.


  • In Columbia in 2010, the government launched Operation Christmas, a campaign to encourage FARC guerrillas to demobilize. Jungle trees were covered in lights and decorations, so when guerrillas got near, the lights would illuminate and banners would appear encouraging them to drop their weapons and come home. The campaign was deemed a success – whilst it was active, 331 guerrillas demobilised.


  • Medical researchers in the US and the Netherlands wanted to understand why reindeer’s get red noses. They investigated how blood circulates in a reindeer’s nasal passage using video-imaging technology. They discovered that a reindeer’s blood vessels and circulatory system are 25% more packed in compared to a human nose – this causes the famous red glow!


Humans are incredible, whether that’s innovating to improve Christmas lights or to save the environment!

If your business is looking to innovate in 2021, an IT hiring strategy will be key to your success. Please get in touch with us to understand how we work and the value we can bring.

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