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Full Cycle .NET Development Services

Our team of certified software engineers use their vast amount of experience to deliver world-class software products and cloud solutions for enterprises, along with web and mobile applications.

We leverage our rich experience to add value to collaborations with customers. We have an established team of experienced developers to work hand in hand with our customers across the UK.

Custom Development

We will help you transform your requirements into brilliant software that pushes your business to a new level. Leveraging .NET to offer our customers solutions is something we strive towards, offering flexibility, reliability and constant support of the Microsoft technology stack.

Migration to .NET

Old technologies can lessen the value of your legacy business applications. The VIQU team has extensive know-how in updating legacy applications and data to the latest technologies. We offer a full range of services that allow you to easily rebuild your legacy system, thus strengthening its security and boosting performance.


We offer custom middleware for the integration of enterprise systems to ensure flawless communication between applications within your organization. VIQU’s developers will carefully study your enterprise IT infrastructure and find the best way to manage data across various software solutions.

Solutions Customisation

As a .NET development company concentrating on custom solutions, we know that no two businesses are the same. VIQU renders a full range of services related to third-party solutions customisation according to your unique business needs, including APIs, UI customisation, and functionality improvement.


Why VIQU’s Development Team?

We provide talented developers to empower our customers to quickly boost their human resources for ongoing projects and to deploy large-scale IT projects in a short time span. We operate a large talent pool of developers who can become part of your in-house staff or work as a separate branch of your company for the period of time you actually need them for.

  • Scalable development team: you can change the size of the team depending on your workload.
  • Quick hiring process with zero cost.
  • Ready IT infrastructure and experienced management.
  • Transparent processes and reporting: you are fully in control of the project management tools and methodologies.
  • We screen software engineers and make recommendations, before you make your selection.
  • You have an in-house-like control level over the team structure and can replace and withdraw developers upon need.
  • Adjustable working hours according to your requirements.

If you’d like to find out more, please contact our MD Matt Collingwood.