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Why VIQU Recruitment was the right fit for me… – Bobby Banerjee

In my last job (my first as a recruitment L&D consultant), I saw over 200 people start in recruitment, and have a fair amount of success, but I also saw a lot of people leave, which I had little to no control over, and it was slowly driving me up the wall…

Even with taking this into account, it would still be easy to question why I made the move from a large global recruitment business, to a much smaller company with around 20 people at the time (now 29), but for me it was a no brainer and here’s why:

  1. VIQU and I share the same vision in that we both want to train and inspire competent and confident expert recruitment consultants, who can make a real impact on the company’s growth;
  2. I want to continue to prove to the recruitment industry that you don’t need to be an extra from Wolf Of Wall Street to do well in recruitment;
  3. When I originally spoke with my MD Matt, he had a concept I could buy into and a clear idea regarding how we could achieve this for future growth;
  4. Testing myself is something I thrive off, and there’s no better way to do that than by putting myself in a completely different environment and seeing if I can lead and train effectively;
  5. Before I even started at VIQU I received a card to congratulate my future wife and I on our wedding… in that moment I knew that these are the sorts of people that I want to work with!

With career dreams and aspirations, a wise person (I think it was Tory Burch) once said:

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough”

I didn’t realise how wise those words would be. When I started at VIQU, I was fully aware that making the leap into my Talent Manager role would be tough and going completely out of my comfort zone, but I can admit now that I didn’t manage my own expectations well. Finding 5 good people that wanted to learn all about recruitment and that I felt would be the right fit wasn’t easy. At some points I felt a bit like a bull in a china shop – doing all of the usual recruitment stuff but not really getting anywhere…

One mini meltdown and some solid reassurance later (thanks Brad!), I found 5 great people that I thought we could make into future VIQU contract and permanent top billers – an ex-sprinter, an ex-developer, a French HRBP, a pharma marketing specialist and an estate agent!

We’re currently in our second month and I can safely say that I still believe the 5 people I selected are already great assets to VIQU.


This article was originally published by Bobby on LinkedIn.


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