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VIQU’s APSCo Awards Application Insights: Mental Health Awareness

Our APSCo application for ‘Recruitment Company of the Year – £3 million – £10 million turnover’ was written by three senior members of our team (Gary, Bobby & Lauren) and focused on three specific areas.

1) Learning & development investment
2) GDPR & compliance
3) Mental health awareness

This week, we’re sharing insights into each of these topics; please continue reading to understand our stance on our third topic: Mental Health Awareness.

Mental Health Awareness at VIQU
VIQU was given its name due to two Latin words: ‘Vita’ (meaning ‘life’) and ‘Qualitas’ (‘quality’). ‘Life Quality’ is very important to the VIQU team and this runs through the core of our company.

Recent statistics tell us that almost 1 in every 10 sick days taken from work by 25-34 year olds are due to mental health conditions. For us, this highlighted the importance of our workplace being an environment where people feel supported and able to talk openly about anything they’re struggling with.

Therefore, as part of Mental Health Awareness Week, one of our senior consultants Lauren Baines decided to nominate herself as VIQU’s Mental Health First Aid Champion. Lauren began by attending a two-day MHFA course ran by Steps to Work. At the course, she learnt about spotting the signs of mental ill health and how to support our team.

Lauren came back to the office more passionate than ever, immediately setting about writing an internal policy which was shown to the team for feedback, before being officially put in place.

Next, Lauren wrote an action plan for the Time to Change campaign. We were thrilled to receive approval of our action plan without the need for any edits or adjustments. Last week, Lauren presented the Time to Change Employer Pledge to the VIQU team, before she signed it, alongside our MD Matt Collingwood.

We will continue to review our internal policy, in addition to our Time to Change action plan, in order to keep our team involved and aware of our positive stance on mental health awareness. Lauren will be speaking about her experiences with Steps to Work and the Time to Change campaign at a mental health awareness event on October 10th to celebrate World Mental Heath Day. We hope her presentation will inspire other local businesses to take mental health seriously and to adopt the Time to Change campaign.

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