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VIQU’s APSCo Awards Application Insights: GDPR & Compliance

Our APSCo application for ‘Recruitment Company of the Year – £3 million – £10 million turnover’ was written by three senior members of our team (Gary, Bobby & Lauren) and focused on three specific areas.

1) Learning & development investment
2) GDPR & compliance
3) Mental health awareness

This week, we’re sharing insights into each of these topics; please continue reading to understand our stance on our second topic: GDPR and Compliance.

GDPR Compliance at VIQU
We strongly believe that compliancy shouldn’t just be a set of rules that we’re forced to stick to, it should be a moral ethic that we all share.

The legalities around GDPR were made clear long before it legally came into effect. When GDPR came into play, we were united in our belief that we should fully adopt it into our business; Gary Billings nominated himself as our Data Protection Officer and has been instrumental in the creation of the ‘VIQU GDPR Ten Commandments’.

As part of our new policy, in May of this year, we have gone through a process of conducting data privacy impact assessments across the business to ensure we have legitimate interest to retain personal data and a subsequent data cleansing process. We also shared our privacy notice with those who had consented. Our new GDPR policy ensures our consultants always gain explicit consent from individuals for any data we hold.

This was a significant move for VIQU because it meant that our candidate pool was reduced. However, we’re proud to say that VIQU is now one of the most compliant users of data in the recruitment industry.

Internally, our DPO manages a complaints procedure that would ensure an issue is dealt with professionally and swiftly if we were notified of a complaint. In addition, our internal policy highlights the importance of whistle blowing to the ICO if they believe that VIQU isn’t acting compliantly.

Home Office Sponsor
As a Home Office Sponsor, VIQU employs four Tier 2 nationals. We take the responsibility involved in being a Home Office Sponsor very seriously, therefore, we maintain accurate records and have an outstanding understanding of immigration compliancy at all times.

Sharing Best Practices
In addition to ensuring compliancy within our own team, our MD Matt Collingwood is passionate about sharing best practices with individuals working within the industry. In 2017, Matt and Dal Shoker (Niyaa) founded the ‘Recruitment Canaries’ a collaborative network for SME recruitment companies. This free service provides members with the opportunity to discuss best practices in compliancy and other important topics within recruitment.

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