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VIQU launches the Future Talent Programme

With the IT and Cyber Security industry spend estimated to increase from 16 billion to 1.6 trillion GBP globally and VIQU’s continued focus on developing Expert 2 Expert recruitment consultants, we made the strategic decision to launch our Future Talent Programme in May of this year.

The Future Talent Programme journey began with the appointment of Bobby Banerjee, a learning and development specialist, with vast amounts of experience as a specialist technical recruitment consultant. Bobby is passionate about sharing ethical, customer-focused recruitment skills and shares VIQU’s vision for supporting individuals who are knowledgeable about their specific sector and who have the ability to offer real solutions to our clients and candidates.

“I am passionate about creating an environment and culture, different to other recruitment agencies, where we concentrate on developing recruitment experts – truly knowledgeable people that can visibly add value to their candidates and clients. Being able to own the whole process and seeing some great people grow into successful consultants, is what I thrive on.”

Bobby Banerjee

Bobby’s first task was to hire five top-notch trainee recruitment consultants to turn into future recruitment legends. Our aim was to find dedicated individuals who are eager to really get to grips with recruitment markets such as Cryptocurrency Systems, Digital Forensics, Data Privacy and Ethical Hacking.

We’re pleased to announce that Bobby did a fantastic job and we’d like to introduce you to Amar, Léa, Dharam, Nathaniel and Phoebe.

From speaking with our new trainees, the main attractions of the Future Talent Programme for them was the ability to learn on the job, to be part of a supportive team and to gain entry to a prominent area of recruitment.

They’re all enthusiastic, ambitious and driven individuals who come from a variety of backgrounds including HR, back end website development and product design. We’re excited to see how they develop in the coming months, but with multiple interviews secured by the second week and an offer by the fourth, the team’s confident in the new trainee consultants’ ability to grow and to have a positive impact on VIQU.

“VIQU has been an attractive proposition for experienced recruiters to join since our launch in 2014. Alongside this, and to meet our ambitious growth plans, we want to start gaining, training and retaining our own trainee recruiters. Bobby is one of the most respected L&D leaders in our industry, so there was no better individual to appoint and ensure the success of the Future Talent Programme. Our new colleagues have made a huge impact already and we will shortly commence interviewing for our second wave of cohorts!”

Matt Collingwood


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