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VIQU Invests in Cyber Security – Gary Billings

With the Cyber Security market expected to increase from £117.20 billion in 2018 to £190.53 billion by 2023, it’s fair to say that the sector is going to be one of the most important challenges for UK employers and will create an unpresidented number of career opportunities for Cyber Security professionals.

With this in mind, we recently made the strategic decision to establish a dedicated team of Cyber Security recruitment consultants to meet the needs of this sector.

VIQU’s Cyber Security Recruitment Team
I’ve been concentrating on the Cyber Security recruitment sector for VIQU for over a year and a half. Although I am continuing to head up our Cyber Security e2e offering, I’m concentrating my skills in supporting clients with their Identity & Access Management or IAM requirements. This could come in the form of a contractor driving change or an implementation, or transferring skills to their existing permanent teams.

Identity & Access Management as a security and business discipline enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times and for the right reasons. This control aspect and safeguarding of an IT infrastructure has always interested me and I enjoy helping clients in addressing these essential disciplines.

I now have a fantastic team working alongside me, supporting my efforts in the market. Max Heaphy and Sam Eades-Scott are both experienced IT recruitment consultants, they’ll be focusing their time on making permanent senior appointments, concentrating on senior Cyber and Data Privacy Protection recruitment.

In addition, over the last three months, I’ve been working with our Future Talent Programme manager Bobby, mentoring our Future Talent Programme recruitment executives in understanding Cyber Security’s technical landscape, mapping niche markets and ways of connecting with Cyber Security candidates and contractors in their chosen markets. Once the programme finishes, they will be specialist recruitment consultants, joining myself, Max and Sam in driving the Cyber Security recruitment market forward.

To view our Future Talent Programme’s future recruitment consultants’ cyber markets, please click here.

How is VIQU Assisting the Cyber Security Market?
From working in the Cyber Security market for over 18 months, it’s always been clear to me that there is a massive demand to be met. A study in 2017 found that there were just under 7,000 advertised positions for Cyber Security roles in the UK between quarter 3 of 2015 and Q2 of 2016 – that was an increase of 18% compared to the previous year and 103% more than five years earlier.

Clearly, the market is growing.

In particular, I’ve noticed the increasing demand for Cyber Security contractors compared to permanent roles. The contract market has seen a 40% increase on requirements compared to quarter 1 of 2017. In addition, when you compare Cyber contract positions to other types of digital contracting, their rates are 14% higher than the average in the digital sector.

So, what are we doing to support the market?

The fact that myself and my fellow Cyber recruitment consultants are concentrating on particular areas within Cyber Security means that we’re only sourcing for candidates in our niche markets. This way, when a client gives us a job, we’re not searching through job boards, we’ve already got 5 known candidates in mind to put to the client.

I recently wrote an article called ‘Security Personnel: Permanent VS Contract’. In it, I discussed the key differences between a permanent position and contract work. The main factor my article focused around was time – companies no longer have the time to dedicate to finding permanent hires.

And that’s where VIQU comes in.

In addition to consultants who concentrate their time on permanent positions within Cyber Security, we now have a number of consultants who are focused solely on contract roles within niche areas of Cyber Security.

So, when you have a contract position that needs filling, we won’t spend weeks or even days coming back to you with a list of names and CVs – no, we’ll make your deadline, whatever that may be. If you need a contractor to start in 48 hours, our Cyber Security team has the expertise, candidates and manpower to make it happen.


If you’d like to find out more about our Cyber Security recruitment team, please click here to view our Cyber Security summary and get in touch today.


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