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Time to Talk, Time to Hit the Yoga Studio – Lauren Baines

When we signed the Time to Change pledge in September of last year, I was humbled by how positively it was received by our team. It’d be easy for something like this to lose momentum, so I will admit that it was a relief that since then, not only have I had multiple members of our team talk to me about their experiences with mental health, a lot of people have actually been working with me on how we can maintain and raise more awareness in our office and further afield too.

Time to Talk Day 2019 was circled in our team calendar and I’d been looking forward to it for a while… so how did we acknowledge this special day? With yoga and homemade smoothies, of course!

First thing on Thursday 7th February, our team met up at our local yoga studio, Yoga Sweat.

Now none of us would call ourselves avid yoga goers, but we gave it a good go! You might imagine that by the end of session, we were doing advanced yoga positions and were balancing on our heads… but unfortunately that didn’t happen!

During the last 15 minutes of the class, everyone laid down on the yoga mats and we allowed our heart rates to go back to normal and focused on our deep breathing. This was my favourite part; it gave me an opportunity to let my mind wander, to think about my aims for the day and what I wanted to achieve. By the end of the session I felt refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Back in the office, our Marketing Manager Becca and I had arranged a selection of frozen fruit and yoghurt to turn into smoothies, in addition to some well-deserved fresh fruit to snack on.

Now some people might say that we should’ve celebrated Time to Talk Day in a different way. That it shouldn’t have been about yoga and smoothies, instead it would’ve been better if we’d encourage talking and expression, and whilst I agree that conversing is so important to encourage positive mental health, the activities we put on allowed for different conversations and interactions that our team wouldn’t normally have had a chance to experience on a casual Thursday morning.

Over the rest of 2019, we’ll be organising a variety of activities to acknowledge different dates in the mental health calendar, and I can’t wait to celebrate with our team!

If anyone would like to find out more about VIQU’s journey with mental health awareness over the last year, please click here.



  1. Berni Albrighton
    - Reply

    What a brilliant day. Yoga brings your mind into balance. It allows you time for yourself, time to think and reflect, while strengthening your body. Great incentive.

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