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Security Personnel: Permanent VS Contract

As the second half of 2018 is now well and truly underway, I’ve been reflecting on the challenges that have faced businesses during the first six months of 2018 and yes, you’ve guessed it, hiring security personnel is still top of that list… but don’t worry, I’m here to help!

Issues with the current market

Small and medium sized businesses have continued to play a significant factor within the security recruitment market. We’ve continued to see an increase in demand from the SME sector, who are building internal security teams to protect from media attention-heavy cyber-attacks.

You might be thinking that the market is already stretched, but the choices a security professional now has when making their next career move has never been broader!

Believe it or not, there is an alternative to waiting months on end for a laborious permanent process to run that could see you in no better position and leave your business open to threats.

The solution

You could hire a contractor instead!

Now this is the point you’re thinking that hiring a contractor could be an effective tool to cover a gap in your team, to take on a security related project or to assist with security consultancy. But there’s one key thing to bear in mind – a permanent recruitment process is very different to a contract one.

There’s one main factor to highlight here… SPEED.

The contract market has seen a 40% increase on requirements compared to Q1 of 2017 which is a sign that organisations are now choosing an interim option as opposed to the alternative of waiting to hire permanently more frequently, as a result there is now much more contracts available for security professionals to choose from.

Therefore, if you run your contract recruitment process in a similar way to how you recruit for permanent positions, by the time:

  • The CV has made its way through your HR team.
  • Up the chain to the hiring manager to review.
  • CV feedback sent back to HR and then provided to the agency which then needs to go back to the candidate.

… chances are that contractor is not going to still be around!

Align yourself with a market specialist contract recruiter and this won’t be an issue.

Amongst others, the main major benefit of having a contract recruiter on hand is their network and their ability to provide you with the right option to fit your requirement.

Did you know that we can go from specification to filling the job in just 24-48 hours?

Ask yourself when was the last time your process was as slick and quick as this?

So, I have three questions for you to think about. When you’re hiring security personnel:

  • Is your Preferred Supplier List (that includes security specialists) aligned to both perm and contract? Bear in mind the two are entirely independent entities.
  • How streamlined is your contract recruitment process?
  • How long have your vacancies been open whilst trying to hire permanently?

How can VIQU help?

If my article has got you thinking about the benefits of using a contractor, please contact us via LinkedIn, email or phone.


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