From Generalist to Specialist… Why I Chose VIQU

Before coming to VIQU, my previous role involved recruiting for smart meter engineers in the utilities sector. This was a natural fit for me as my first recruitment role because I used to be heavily involved in utilities during my sales days. This, coupled with the fact that I had over 10 years of management experience, led a close friend to suggest that these skills were highly transferable for a career in recruitment.

I found my feet as a generalist recruiter, but I soon felt like I needed to get my teeth into a specialist subject. I knew this would be much harder, but having industry insight and the knowledge to be able to offer my candidates and clients a specialist level of consultancy highly appealed to me. When researching VIQU, I got the impression that the company was the right fit for me both in terms of culture and the fact that I would be working with successful and experienced specialist recruiters.

Since joining I’ve been proven right. The Southampton team have been so welcoming, and I’ve been given opportunities to train with experienced recruiters just like I was promised. It’s a tough challenge going from a generalist to an infrastructure & cloud recruitment specialist, but it’s fantastic to work for a company that’s given me trust and autonomy to organise my diary from day 1.


“Since Martyn’s first interview, I knew we had a determined and hard-working individual on our hands. I’m very proud of the approach Martyn has taken to becoming a specialist recruiter, not to mention the fact that he gained a client and closed his first interview on day 10 of working for VIQU! I’m excited to see how Martyn develops and builds relationships with his clients/ candidates in the coming months.”

Matt Collingwood

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