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Month 2 of the Future Talent Programme: Creating Specialist Consultants – Bobby Banerjee

The beginning of month 2 was very exciting for the Future Talent Programme; after working her notice period, the Awesome Foursome became the Fab Five when Phoebe joined us. At first, I was a little concerned about how she’d fit into the FTP, after all, the other guys had already had a month to bond. Luckily, I had nothing to worry about; Phoebe took to VIQU and the Future Talent Programme like a duck to water.

We had started the guys journey into recruitment by getting them involved in a variety of roles – anything from SMEs to Solutions Architects. Soon my team were ready for more of a challenge, and this was the point I sat down with them to discuss their own prospective markets.

Shortlisting candidates in their own specialist markets

Back when the team were interviewed, I asked them which markets they thought looked interesting within Cyber Security, and how they would develop their market. Therefore, I knew that the guys already had a good idea of which areas they would like to specialise in.

And that’s how my team began the process of becoming specialists in PCI-DSS implementors, SIEM Architects, Network Security Consultants, ISO 27001 experts and Penetration Testers.

Once the guys had a 100% grasp of their marketplace, it was time for them to set about creating a solid list of candidates that they would love to present to clients.

Now, month 1 was full of successes for us, so I was conscious that I wanted the team to do even better in month 2.

I have to say, my brilliant team certainly didn’t let me down, they worked hard to qualify a large number of candidates (489 to be precise!) and we learnt A LOT of lessons along the way, including:

  • Milton Keynes has more than just cows and sub-par football going for it – it’s a hotbed for IT talent!
  • Contractors don’t take rubbish;
  • There are many unkind people out there (worse words could be used to describe them!), but there are also a lot of approachable and friendly individuals who will welcome your call;
  • You need to be SUPER resilient;
  • Kiss a lot of frogs and you’ll eventually find your prince(ss)!

All work and no play makes Bobby a dull boy…
I wanted to come up with a fun way of rewarding the team for their hard work that would encourage them to bond further. I liked the idea of us doing something that one member of the team enjoys doing outside of work, so that they can share that positive experience with the team.

Phoebe was up first, and she was certainly trying to suck up to the boss, because she picked an activity I love – pub quizzes!

To say the evening was a success was an understatement – not only did we have a great time devouring ‘all you can eat’ wings at the local smokehouse, we came second in the pub quiz!

What’s up next?
Apart from my personal goals of winning another pub quiz and eating more healthily, month 3 will see the Future Talent Programme marketing candidates to different clients and seeing how we can build relationships with potential clients in our markets… oh and the big one, we’re aiming to generate £20K worth of business between us!


The FTP (and imposter Becca – our marketing supremo) out for a cheeky Nandos!


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