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Month 1 of the Future Talent Programme: The Secret of Getting Ahead is Getting Started – Bobby Banerjee

The ability to train and develop individuals is something I’ve always relished in, but I never realised the huge amount of pressure I put on myself until I had the professional development of five great people on my shoulders.

I won’t lie, it was nerve-wracking. But as the title of this article suggests, you can’t get ahead until you get started!

“Great recruiters start off as great candidate consultants.”

I’ve always subscribed to the thought that you really need to gain an understanding of what you are selling/marketing in any sales/marketing role, before you go out to speak to clients about it.

Therefore, the main focus for the FTP’s first month in IT recruitment was around developing knowledge, and understanding their specialist markets, whilst also learning the rigours of building good relationships with candidates.

Throughout their first month, there was an electric mix of nerves and excitement in the air, but they all took to it like a duck to water and soon we were searching for more difficult candidates – this allowed the FTP to learn how to source candidates for more challenging roles, as well as becoming familiar with what their own markets required.

Here at VIQU, we are fortunate to have relationships with some excellent clients, who are always looking for new staff. Some of their roles provided the perfect platform for my Fab Five to get to grips with what questions to ask candidates… with the prospect of making money in the process too!

We were lucky enough to have one client approach us for several live roles, and the FTP guys jumped at the chance of finding candidates for it.

This process allowed my team to work together on roles and to build a strong work ethic (which I was proud to see!). Sourcing for these roles, taught them to:
• Use job boards;
• Create compelling adverts;
• Quiz people about their experience in detail, in order to provide a good picture around the suitability of the candidate for a role;
• Ask candidates to write paragraphs around their suitability for a role;
• Manage candidate expectations around CV and interview feedback

I’m thrilled to report that due to their abilities to take information on quickly, their efforts transpired into 25 interviews, 2 deals and a couple carrying over to month 2.

From where the guys started, I’m already excited about their progress – they sound competent and professional on the phone and can build better relationships with candidates than I have ever heard new consultants do in the world of recruitment.

Bring on month 2!


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