IT Support Engineer

IT Support Engineer

2nd Line Engineer/Support

£25,000-£30,000 + £40 Car Allowance P/M & Milage + Benefits

Key Purpose:

  • To provide support to 5 sites, which is broken up into 4 in Southampton and 1 in Portsmouth (you will be based in only one location per day
  • To work closely with the Head of IT, other IT Managers, Leaders, Business Managers, and staff within the company
  • To recommend, develop, implement, and support cost-effective technology solutions for all aspects of the company
  • To assist IT managers/technicians with projects
  • To train staff on use of certain software/systems that are being used on premises.

Main Responsibilities:

Assisting with the maintenance and upgrade of the IT Infrastructure on location that are part of the client and sign up for IT Support to be received from the client.

  1. Equipment support
  • To ensure that the networks run efficiently, providing technical support on hardware and software problems, investigating faults and liaising with support companies where necessary
  • To investigate, diagnose and provide first line maintenance in network problems, seeking assistance from support companies where necessary
  • To ensure new equipment including PCs, data projectors, electronic white boards, digital cameras etc. is suitable to meet the needs of users, offering support and training as required
  • To check, set up and install new equipment
  • To undertake the maintenance of all computer hardware (subject to equipment warranty and within level of competence) on a regular basis to ensure a high standard of maintenance to all IT equipment including checking of leads, cleaning screens, mice, keyboards etc
  • To participate in discussions with users to understand their ICT requirements and recommend solutions to meet their needs in terms of hardware and software
  1. 2. Administration
  • To ensure the security marking and recording of all new hardware and maintain inventories of all equipment on premises, service and maintenance arrangements
  • To maintain an awareness of new ICT products and services and ensure that information is shared
  • To ensure Backups are running and kept safe
  • To maintain and make necessary changes to websites
  • To ensure creation/deletion/archiving of users that join or leave
  • O365/Google Admin Administration knowledge is essential for the maintenance of the email systems, cloud data, etc
  • To process any permissions setting and maintenance for all users that need relevant access
  1. 3. Server Knowledge
  • Knowledge about Active Directory and its use to control access levels is essential
  • Knowledge of Group Policy Management and effective use of it is essential
  • Knowledge on DNS and DHCP is essential
  • Knowledge on the following systems that are used in schools for the deployment process of software to computers in school would be required - MDT, WDS, and Hyper-V
  • Knowledge on Basic Powershell is desirable but not essential.
  1. 4. Support to Staff
  • To liaise with staff to support the efficient use of ICT
  • To assist in the provision of technical and networking support to staff with the use of the helpdesk system
  • To provide support to staff in the use of ICT based activities, and aid groups of users in the use of ICT
  • To provide technical support and assistance on staff training and assist in delivery of in-house training for staff, including the preparation of guidance on the use of ICT for users
  • To set up new users on networks when required
  • To assist in adding new users and maintaining existing accounts
  • To maintain system integrity and security by changing passwords on the system and informing staff of any changes
  1. 5. Software
  • To install standalone software, configure software and provide simple software guides
  • To operate and tailor software to meet the needs of the site
  • To maintain software inventory and file licences ensuring compliance with legal licensing requirements
  • To troubleshoot software problems, including compatibility across different versions
  • To install network software as well as stand-alone software, liaise with support staff to ensure smooth integration onto all PCs including lap-tops
  1. 6. Internet usage
  • To assist with the development and maintenance of the website
  • To support users with the use of the internet
  • To monitor security and privacy, and virus guard updates

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