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Introducing VIQU

Providing 'Smarter People Solutions' to the UK’s professional IT, Engineering and Telecommunications markets

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VIQU Recruitment was born in 2014, with the primary focus of providing ‘Smarter People Solutions’ to the UK’s professional IT and Telecommunications markets. With extensive experience across both contract and permanent recruitment, VIQU is well placed to assist you in your IT career path.

Whatever your role within the industry, the team at VIQU have the relevant ‘Expert 2 Expert’ (e2e) knowledge and experience to help you.

You may be looking to build your career and looking for a new job opportunity, simply need help and advice, or you may have been tasked with recruiting IT professionals for your company. In either circumstance, contact us NOW for a smarter approach to recruitment.

Call our on 0121 227 8200 to understand how we can help you. Alternatively, use our contact form here, to contact VIQU.