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Bex studied Law at the University of Winchester before taking a bit of detour and managing pubs for a few years. A friend of Bex’s who was working in recruitment picked up on her natural sales ability and spent nearly a year trying to persuade her to give it a go before she finally made the leap into recruitment.

The customer service skills and ability to keep a level head under pressure from running pubs, mixed with the negotiation and advocacy element of her law degree, means that Bex is in the perfect position to provide a quality service to clients and IT professionals alike. Bex loves the fact that recruitment is difficult and requires her to really think about solutions and how best to proceed in difficult situations. No two days are the same, plus she gets to play a part in the careers of talented IT professionals!

Bex is our resident ‘office goth’ (her words, not ours!). She’s a huge fan of music, whether that’s playing the piano or attending heavy metal festivals. You wouldn’t know it, but just before Bex joined VIQU in mid-2019, she had 8 inches of hair cut off to donate to the Little Princess Trust.

Getting a little deeper…

  • Dream job as a child?

  • I actually wanted to be a Forensic Scientist, and was always glued to shows like NCIS and CSI. I blame my mum for that because she always had them showing in the evenings.

  • Favourite thing about your job?

  • It’s such a great feeling to match the right person with the right company. It genuinely makes me feel really happy when a person lands their dream job, knowing they’ll absolutely flourish and that the company will really benefit from having them on board as well.

  • Name one food you couldn't live without

  • Chocolate! I was once given a birthday card that said “Chocolate – the breakfast of champions” which made me chuckle. I’m not sure if I could actually eat chocolate for breakfast though…….

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