Nicola Lubbe

Delivery Consultant

Phone number

0121 796 0205

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Nicola joined VIQU in November 2021 to assist our blossoming accounts management department. Nicola loves the variety and competition that comes with working within a recruitment agency, in addition to the knowledge she gains from working with companies from different industries on a daily basis.

A passionate cheerleader, Nicola performed for over 5 years and was Champion of Champions for 4 years straight (we're hoping we'll get a VIQU chant soon!). Nicola is a keen gym-goer and strongly believes in looking after her mind and soul's peace through uplifting others' kindness.

Getting a little deeper…

  • Choose 3 words to describe yourself

  • Self-sufficient, ambitious, and workaholic...

  • What's on your bucket list?

  • I want to ride the world's largest Ferris Wheel in Dubai, and just travel all over the world!

  • What attracted you to joining the VIQU team?

  • The culture of the company caught my eye, as did Halo - VIQU's Chief Woof Officer. I am a big dog lover so it's great to work in a dog-friendly environment.

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