Andrew Kibble

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0121 796 0203

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Our Account Manager Andy joined us in May 2019, having spent the last couple of years working in-house for a software consultancy where he helped build a new office from zero to 100 IT professionals. Before that, Andy dedicated over a decade of his working life to the West Midlands Police, joining them as a non-emergency call handler at 17 years old, before becoming a PCSO for 3 years and then a full Police Constable for nearly 7 years.

Officer Kibble as we fondly call him, made the move from enforcing the law to finding the best IT contractors around, due to his desire to find a new career where he could really put his transferable skills to use. In addition to wanting to work with different people on a daily basis and build solid relationships, Andy wanted to utilise his great talent for being cool under pressure and identifying time wasters – all of this led him to recruitment!

Andy loves nothing more than spending time with his friends and new wife Lucy and is always trying to find a way to squeeze in an annual trip to Ibiza. Although he’d like to be known for his ability to down a pint of beer without using his hands, in the office, we know him for his love for Little Mix!

Getting a little deeper…

  • What’s the best and worst thing about your role?

  • Best: I take great pleasure in securing people work, I can imagine how stressful life would be without having money coming in or having an opportunity on the horizon so to present people with offers which they except is what I enjoy the most.  Worst: I think we’re all guilty of not celebrating the success of a placement long enough. As quickly as a placement is made the focus quickly to turns to what’s next which takes the hard work put it for granted and slightly undervalues the achievement.

  • Favourite place in the world?

  • I’m not claiming it’s the best place but Ibiza has a piece of my heart. I have been there 15 times in 16 years and I’m nowhere near done with that place... I LOVE IBIZA, it’s magic!

  • If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you do?

  • I would grab my nearest and dearest and take them all on a tour around the world to whichever destinations their hearts desired.  The tour would last for however long it took for my new dream home to be built!

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