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Why the VIQU Academy

The VIQU Academy is a high quality work-based training programme, bringing together young people who are interested in professional IT careers, and employers that need help addressing the skills gap

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Why the VIQU Academy

The feedback we receive from our clients, in addition to what we read, hear and watch in the news, drove us to make a difference and integrate ‘Smarter People Solutions’ across society.

“Management professionals we speak to are acknowledging that quick fixes for short term money-saving benefits are no longer the standard. Companies are realising that investment in talent is the key to a long-term skilled IT workforce”
Matt Collingwood, VIQU Managing Director

“Recruitment into our business is increasingly hard. The shortage of relevant candidates is a real challenge for us”
HR Director, VIQU Client

“Various research suggests the UK is facing an IT skills gap in the workforce that if not addressed, threatens to damage our global competitiveness within 10 years”
Mike McEvoy, VIQU Director

“The number of young people not working or studying is at its lowest level since records began. Britain needs to improve workplace-based training in order to come down to levels of youth inactivity comparable to other western European countries”
Office for National Statistics

The VIQU Academy is aiming to make a difference, bringing together employers in the IT industry, and the youth of today that are crying out for structured and progressive learning & employment opportunities.

The VIQU Academy, in association with LMPQ Apprenticeships, provides young people aged between 15-18 years old, with skills that go beyond the requirements of the apprenticeship and qualifications they receive… making them an asset to businesses today, and the key to long term growth and success of tomorrow.

As a team at VIQU, we are passionate about providing a fresh and invigorating approach to helping young people secure relevant skills AND experience to build a successful career. If you are aged between 15-18 years old and would like to learn more about opportunities with the VIQU Academy, please click here.

If you are an employer and would like to discuss the VIQU Academy in more detail, please click here for more information, or call us now on 0121 227 8200 to discuss opportunities for your business.